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 When no custom key file is in use, the following keys are available :

 *** Information

             F1       Open this Key list
 Alt+Ctrl    C        Copy current position to the windows clipboard
 Alt+Ctrl    D        Show current Date and Time
             I        Open Video Information Dialog
 A+S+C       V        Show Current Version
 Alt         X        Exit the Player

 *** Interface

             F2       Audio Skin Mode
             F4       Switch to Default Skin Layout (Default Skin)
 Alt+Ctrl    F4       Switch player to 100% visibility  (Vista+ Only)
             F5       Switch to Lite Skin Layout (Default Skin)
 Alt+Ctrl    F5       Switch player to 80% visibility  (Vista+ Only)
             F6       Switch to Minimalistic Skin Layout (Default Skin)
 Alt+Ctrl    F6       Switch player to 60% visibility  (Vista+ Only)
             F7       Switch to Video Only Skin Layout (Default Skin)
 Alt+Ctrl    F7       Switch player to 40% visibility (Vista+ Only)
             F8       Toggle Top-Bar on/off (Default Skin)
             F9       Toggle Bottom-Bar on/off (Default Skin)
             F10      Switch between DVD and Media modes
 Alt+Shift   F12      Open the PC/HTPC/Tablet configuration wizard            
 Alt         0        Bring Player Window to Front (Send Externally)
 Shift       C        Open the Chapter/Bookmark Editor Dialog
 Alt+Shift   C        Open the Contact Sheet Dialog
             D        Open the MPEG4 Property Dialog (DivX,XviD,etc...)
 Alt         E        Show/Hide the last open Navigator
 Shift       E        Show/Hide the Stream Selection Navigator
 Shift       F        Show/Hide the File Navigator
             G        Show/Hide the GoTo Timeline dialog
 Alt         G        Show/Hide the GoTo Timeline Navigator interface
 Alt         H        Show/Hide the Play History Interface
 Shift       H        Show/Hide the Play History Navigator
 Alt         I        Minimize the Player
 Ctrl        I        Show/Hide the Station Navigator
 Shift       I        Show/Hide the Main Navigator
 Alt+Shift   I        Show/Hide the Information Navigator
             J        Show/Hide the Advanced Playlist Control interface
 Ctrl        J        Show/Hide the Download Manager Navigator
 Alt         K        Enable/Disable Video Blanking
 Ctrl        K        Show/Hide the Blanking Presets dialog
 Shift       K        Show/Hide the Blanking Navigator dialog
 Alt+Shift   K        Blank (black-out) non-Active monitors
 Alt         L        Open the Playlist dialog
 Shift       L        Show/Hide the Control Bar Buttons
 Alt         M        Show/Hide the Media Library Navigator
 Shift       M        Show/Hide the Media Library Editor
 Ctrl+Shift  M        Show/Hide the Media Scanner Navigator
 Alt+Shift   M        Rename/Move the playing media or playlist entry
             N        Open Skin Selection dialog
 Alt         N        Open the Chapter/Bookmark Navigator
 Shift       N        Open the Playlist Navigator
 Alt         O        Enable/Disable On-Screen-Display
 Ctrl        O        Open the Options dialog
 Shift       O        Show/Hide Color Controls
 Alt+Shift   O        Enable/Disable MadVR's smooth motion
 Ctrl        P        Show/Hide the Image Position Presets dialog
 Shift       P        Cycle Pattern Modes
             Q        Show/Hide the Internal Equalizer
 Shift       Q        Show/Hide the Equalizer Navigator
 Alt         S        Open the Subtitle Configuration dialog
 Shift       S        Show/Hide the Image Resize Navigator
 Alt+Shift   S        Save the currently playing file in a new location
 Alt+Ctrl    S        Show/Hide the Schedule editor
 Alt         T        Enable / Disable Stay-On-Top
 Shift       T        Show/Hide the Scene Cut Editor
 Alt+Ctrl    T        Show/Hide the audio TAGs display
 Ctrl+Shift  T        Open the Meta-Data editor
 Ctrl        V        Show/Hide Media Library Category Navigator
 Shift       V        Toggle the Internal Screen Saver
 Alt         W        Show/Hide the Mouse Wheel Function Navigator
 Shift       W        Show/Hide the Web URL Navigator
 Alt+Shift   W        WhiteWash Screen-Burn repair
             X        Show/Hide the Station Manager
 Shift       X        Show/Hide the Context Navigator
 Alt         Z        Cycle through the Zoom Axis toggle
 Alt+Shift   Z        Zoom on badly encoded 16:9 content (black bars)
 Alt+Ctrl    Z        Cycle Zoom-in Levels (16.6%, 33.3%, 50%, 100%)
             Delete   Delete the currently playing file to the recycle bin
 Shift       Delete   Delete the selected playlist entries to the recycle bin
 Shift       Esc      Close All Navigators
             Space    Action according to Space toggle
 Alt         Space    Control Bar (Show/Hide)
 Ctrl        PgDn     Next Active Arrow Control function
 Ctrl        PgUp     Previous Active Arrow Control function
 Alt         PgDn     Move Selected Playlist Items Down one Item
 Alt         PgUp     Move Selected Playlist Items Up one Item
             Enter    When in DVD Menu mode, select active menu item
             Enter    When in Media mode, Show the Selected Navigator
 Alt+Ctrl    0 .. 9   DVD Number Pad (0 - 9)

 *** Image/Audio/Video/Subtitles

 Alt         F5       Increase Brightness
 Ctrl        F5       Decrease Brightness
 Alt         F6       Increase Contrast
 Ctrl        F6       Decrease Contrast
 Alt         F7       Increase Gamma
 Ctrl        F7       Decrease Gamma
 Alt         F8       Increase Hue
 Ctrl        F8       Decrease Hue
 Alt         F9       Increase Saturation
 Ctrl        F9       Decrease Saturation
 Alt+Shift   F1 .. F8 Apply Pixel Shaders preset 1 - 8
 Alt+Shift   F9       Toggle Pre-image resize Pixel Shaders
 Alt+Shift   F10      Toggle Post-image resize Pixel Shaders
 Alt+Shift   F11      Toggle both Post and Pre-image resize Pixel Shaders
             F11      Reset Color settings
             F12      Apply Color settings
 Alt         1        Zoom Video to  50% (in window mode)
 Alt         2        Zoom Video to 100% (in window mode)
 Alt         3        Zoom Video to 200% (in window mode)
 Alt         4        Zoom Video to 400% (in window mode)
 Alt         5        Zoom Video to 800% (in window mode)
 Alt         A        Activate the Audio Decoder property page
 Ctrl+Shift  D        DeInterlacing (Enable/Disable)
 Ctrl        E        Create a RingTone from a playing media section
 Alt         F        Frame Capture (Screenshot)
 Ctrl        H        Enable/Disable Source Relative Stretch
             M        Maximize Video to screen size
             R        Cycle forward through Aspect Ratio modes
 Shift       R        Cycle through Video Rotation modes
 Ctrl+Shift  S        Sharpen Video (Enable/Disable)
 Ctrl        T        Enable / Disable DVD Auto Aspect Ratio
 Alt+Shift   R        Manually decrease Derived Aspect Ratio width
 Alt+Shift   T        Manually increase Derived Aspect Ratio width
             Z        Toggle Zoom Mode (Fullscreen maintain image pos)
 Alt         ]        Cycle Video Presets
 Alt         [        Reverse Cycle Video Presets
 Ctrl        ]        Cycle Blanking Presets
 Ctrl        [        Reverse Cycle Blanking Presets
             `        Scale Video size to its original size
 Alt         /        Search for subtitle for the playing video
             + (Pad)  Enlarge Video Area (Zoom in)
 Ctrl        + (Pad)  Enlarge Width of Video Area
 Alt         + (Pad)  Enlarge Height of Video Area
 Shift       + (Pad)  Resync Audio +25ms
 Alt+Shift   + (Pad)  Move Subtitles Down
 Alt+Ctrl    + (Pad)  Resync Media Subtitles +100ms
             - (Pad)  Reduce Video Area (Zoom out)
 Ctrl        - (Pad)  Reduce Width of Video Area
 Alt         - (Pad)  Reduce Height of Video Area
 Shift       - (Pad)  Resync Audio -25ms
 Alt+Shift   - (Pad)  Move Subtitles Up
 Alt+Ctrl    - (Pad)  Resync Media Subtitles -100ms
             Arrows   User selected functions
             Arrows   When in DVD Menu mode, move menu selection
 Shift       Arrows   Position Video Area, even in DVD Menu mode
 Alt         Arrows   Pixel Resize Video Area (In Zoom Mode)
             + or =   Increase Volume
             -        Decrease Volume
 Ctrl        Home     Increase PreAmp Volume
 Ctrl        End      Decrease PreAmp Volume
 Alt         Enter    Fullscreen Mode (ON/OFF)
             0 .. 9   Apply Zoom Preset (0 - 9)
 Ctrl        0 .. 9   Store Zoom Preset (0 - 9)
 Shift       0 .. 9   Apply Blanking Preset (0 - 9)
 Alt+Shift   0 .. 9   Apply Custom Aspect Ratio Preset (0 - 9)

 *** Playback

             A        Pause
 Ctrl        A        Cycle through Media / DVD Audio Tracks
             B        Add DVD Auto-Load Bookmark
 Alt         B        Attempt setting a DVD AutoLoad Bookmark at frame 0
 Ctrl        B        Cycle through Media / DVD Subtitle Tracks
 Shift       B        Disable Media / DVD Subtitle (if active)
 Alt         C        Save Current chapter list
 Ctrl        C        Toggle Closed Captions (ON/OFF)
 Ctrl+Shift  C        Add Current Position to Chapter Editor
 Alt         D        Open a Folder for playback (includes subdirs)
 Ctrl        D        Save Definition File for the currently open media
 Alt+Shift   D        Load Definition File for the currently open media
 Shift       D        Open a Drive for playback
             F        Fast Forward (ON/OFF)
 Ctrl        F        Half Speed: Fast Forward (ON/OFF)
 Shift       J        Reload Currently loaded media file
             L        Slow Motion (ON/OFF)
 Ctrl        L        Half Speed: Slow Motion (ON/OFF)
 Ctrl        M        Mute Volume
 Ctrl        N        Cycle through DVD Video Angles or OGM Vid Tracks
             O        Open File Dialog
             P        Play / Pause
 Alt         P        Cycle through the Playlist's Auto-Repeat modes
 Ctrl        R        Random (shuffle) Play ON/OFF
 Alt         R        Start, Stop and Cancel AB-Repeat
             S        Stop and go to start of Clip
 Ctrl        S        Stop and go to start of Playlist
             T        Seek to Start (First Frame)
             U        Unpause (Discrete Play)
 Alt         U        Play DVD bypassing Auto-Bookmark loading features
 Ctrl        U        Enable/Disable Scene Cut feature
 Shift       U        Open Streaming URL
 Alt+Ctrl    U        Open Streaming URL from Clipboard
 Alt         V        Get Media Files Duration from current Playlist
             W        Rewind
 Ctrl        W        Open Web Page
 Ctrl        Z        Pause Playback at end of currently playing file
 Shift       Z        Fast Play
             [        Media: Previous Track,   DVD: Previous Chapter
             ]        Media: Next Track,       DVD: Next Chapter
 Shift       [        Media: Previous Chapter, DVD: Previous Bookmark
 Shift       ]        Media: Next Chapter,     DVD: Next Bookmark
 Alt+Shift   [        Previous DVD Title
 Alt+Shift   ]        Next DVD Title
             ,        Seek Backward  5 seconds
             .        Seek Forward   5 seconds
 Alt         ,        Seek Backward 20 seconds
 Alt         .        Seek Forward  20 seconds
 Ctrl        ,        Seek Backward  2 minutes
 Ctrl        .        Seek Forward   2 minutes
 Ctrl+Shift  ,        Seek Backward 10 minutes
 Ctrl+Shift  .        Seek Forward  10 minutes
 Shift       ,        Previous Frame
 Shift       .        Next Frame
 Alt+Shift   ,        Move Audio Balance to the Left
 Alt+Shift   .        Move Audio Balance to the Right
 Alt+Ctrl    ,        Decrease Play Rate 10%
 Alt+Ctrl    .        Increase Play Rate 10%
 Ctrl        /        Eject selected Disc Drive
             ;        DVD Root Menu
 Alt         ;        DVD Chapter Menu
 Shift       ;        DVD Subtitle Menu
             '        DVD Title Menu
 Alt         '        DVD Angle Menu
 Shift       '        DVD Audio Menu
 Ctrl        '        Return from DVD SubMenu
             Esc      Exit Zoom and Pause (and optionally exit player)
             PgDn     Play Next media file in the same dir (same ext)
             PgUp     Play Prev media file in the same dir (same ext)
 Shift       PgDn     Play Next media file in the same dir (media ext)
 Shift       PgUp     Play Prev media file in the same dir (media ext)
 Alt         Home     Increase Play Rate (3 Rate Cycle)
 Alt         End      Decrease Play Rate (3 Rate Cycle)