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Zoom Player supports internal file chaptering. This means that you can create a chapter index file for each media file with Chapter points that you can seek to using the Previous/Next chapter buttons.

Creating chapters is relatively straight forward. Open a file, seek to a position and press on the "Add" button, this will add the current position into the chapter list.

Pressing the "Save" button will then save the chapter list into a file with the same name as the open video file, but with a ".CHP" extension. This file will be loaded automatically the next time you load this video file. When saving a chapter for a file currently on a read-only media (CD disc for example), the Chapter file will be saved within the Zoom Player folder instead (and will be loaded from there automatically when required).

This same interface is also used for DVD Bookmarks, however the file structure is a bit different. For each DVD disc you add bookmarks to (not referred to as Chapters as the DVD Format has its own Chapter system), a folder will be created under the Zoom Player folder. The folder name consists of the disc's volume label and a unique 64bit disc identifier. Each bookmark is a file within the disc-specific folder.

You do not need to save DVD bookmarks, this is done transparently by Zoom Player. If all bookmarks are erased, the disc's folder will be removed automatically (as long as there aren't any other setting file in it).

For completeness, here is the file format used for the creation of Media (non-DVD) chapter files,

Create a text file with the exact same name as the file you are playing, with the ".CHP" extension . For example, if you are playing a file called "hardlife.avi", create a text file called "hardlife.chp".

You can use any text editor to create this file. If you don't have any, you can use Notepad (part of windows).

The format is very simple, all you need to do is use the following structure:
AddChapter(FrameNumber,ChapterTitle), or
AddChapterBySecond(PositionInSecond,ChapterTitle), or
AddChapterByTime(Hour,Minutes,Seconds,ChapterTitle), or

Any line within the chapter file beginning with "#" is considered a comment and is ignored.

# This is a Zoom Player chapter file.
# Chapter 1:
AddChapter(0,Start of Video)
# Chapter 2:
AddChapterBySecond(1800,The Chase)
# Chapter 3:
AddChapterByTime(1,25,12,End Credits)
# and so forth ...

Make sure that the chapters are entered correctly, entering a lower figure on a higher chapter number may confuse the player.