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The Playlist Editor in Zoom Player is easy and straight forward to use. Power users may enjoy the following tips:

  • Double clicking on an entry plays the selected file.
  • Adding a folder will only add files of known extension (As defined in the "File Extensions" section of the Advanced Options dialog), including all files found in underlying sub-folders.
  • Dragging selected items moves the items up/down in the playlist.
  • Right-clicking opens a context menu allowing you to perform additional functions (Sorting/clearing/color-highlighting/etc...).
  • The advanced playlist control (accessible through a button on the playlist editor or by using the "J" keyboard macro), is used to perform quick & powerful searches/filters.
  • When enabling the Magnetic Hard Docking button, The Playlist Editor will move along with the main user interface while trying to position itself on-screen in the best position (visual space wise).
  • When saving playlists, you will be prompted whether to save the full file path. When a playlist resides on a hard disk, it's useful to save the full path as that means the playlist doesn't have to be within the same folder as the files it is pointing to. When playing off a CD or other read-only media, you man not want the path saved, ensuring the playlist items point to the files in the same folder as the CD and not your hard drive.
  • Zoom Player uses the ZPL unicode file format for reading/writing playlists.
    Zoom Player can also read ASX, B4S, M3U, PLS and WPL playlists.
The playlist editor look and feel can be customized through the "Advanced Options / Interface / Playlist" dialog.