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ZP Remote
ZP Remote
ZP Remote
ZP Remote
ZP Remote
ZP Remote
ZP Remote
ZP Remote

Zoom Player, the most Flexible & Sophisticated Home Theater Media Player for Windows PCs & Tablets now has a companion Android Remote Control app that is as Flexible & Sophisticated as Zoom Player itself.

ZP Remote Andriod store links:
ZP Remote
ZP Remote Lite - Free, Ad supported version of ZP Remote.

Remote Features
The free-form layout editor
Using the free-form layout editor you can position buttons anywhere on screen, resize the button from 50% to 300% in size and rotate each button to a desired orientation.

Connecting ZP Remote to Zoom Player:
  1. Install Zoom Player v15 or newer on your PC.
  2. In Zoom Player, enable "External TCP Control" under Adv. Options / System.
  3. In ZP Remote set the IP and Port of the PC running Zoom Player (this can be an internal IP on your local WiFi network).
For ZP Remote to connect with Zoom Player, it can't be blocked by Firewalls or Anti-virus software that intercept communication. Zoom Player itself automatically registers itself with the Windows firewall on install, but Anti-Virus software such as ESET may still block communication. You may have to whitelist Zoom Player in such cases.

If your PC is behind a router, you may need to set the router's DMZ IP to your PC's internal network's address (usually 10.0.0.[number] or 192.168.1.[number]) or setup port-forwarding for the port used in both Zoom Player and ZP Remote (by default 4769).

Zoom Player provides many features which can be controlled through several interfaces:
  1. Keyboard or Keyboard Emulation :
    Wireless Keyboards PC Remotes you may find on Amazon.com can give you the functions of a keyboard using a remote control type interface.

    Pros :
    Cheap, easy to find.

    Cons :
    The media player must be the active application.
  2. Mouse.
  3. Remote Control devices through Home Automation software.
  4. Smart Phone applications.
  5. WinAPI SendMessage interface.
  6. TCP/IP Command & Control network protocol.
Zoom Player can be controlled using a Remote Control or Multimedia device. One popular method is using Girder (a computer-automation tool), other methods depend on the device itself (there are a lot of options out there). Some may emulate keyboard commands in which case you can assign them the keyboard mapping used by Zoom Player (Press F1 in Zoom Player for the complete key list), or you can use Zoom Player's keyboard editor in order to map Zoom Player's keys to the keys emulated by the remote device.

Some devices (multimedia keyboards and some mice) use special Multimedia keys. Zoom Player's keyboard editor is capable of detecting these keys and assigning them functions.

For ATI Remote users, you can try this free plugin.

Lastly, Zoom Player employs a SendMessage and TCP/IP Communication API, allowing it to be controlled over a network (Internet/WiFi/BlueTooth/etc).