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Zoom Player supports several external components either through 3rd party programs and plug-ins, or through DirectShow filters. On this page you will be able to find links to resources that will improve your Zoom Player experience.

Zoom Player's YouTube Video Tutorial Channel
Access many video tutorials, showing you how to configure and use Zoom Player it's fullest.

Zoom Player on Facebook
Keep in touch with Zoom Player news, releases, specials and contets on Facebook.

Zoom Player on Twitter
Keep in touch with Zoom Player news, releases, specials and contets on Twitter.

Zoom Player Tutorials & Technical Articles
In-Depth articles on how to use Zoom Player to its fullest, Power Features, technology information and much more.

This site is a great resource for the latest versions of a lot of the tools I will mention on this page, if for some reason a link below doesn't function, try this site as a backup.

Girder is a Powerful computer automation program with emphasis on PC:Remote-Control. It supports a wide array of Remote Control hardware and profiles for many software. Zoom Player supports Girder by allowing you to export the entire Zoom Player function-set into a Girder compatible file format.

DSP Worx Filters
This page contains link to several useful filters for DirectShow, including a DVB filter allowing you to watch live DVB content inside Zoom Player (with Live-Pause).