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To switch skins within Zoom Player, open the Skin Selector dialog (On the Right-Click context menu under the "Open Interface" Sub-Menu, or by pressing "N" on the keyboard).

The Skin selection dialog allows you to select any skin within the "Zoom Player\Skin" folder. It also allows you to adjust the skin's Tint (color) and to apply one of the pre-defined Tint Profiles. To add a tinting profile of your own, use the Tint bars to tint the skin as you will, then right-click the tint list and select "Add Profile".

Zoom Player employs a powerful skinning engine. You can find plenty of documented skin samples installed along with Zoom Player itself, with full documentation available here.

When installing skins, you can create a sub-folder under the skin folder and extract all the files there, or directly into the skin folder (skins with the "zps" extensions are self installing, all you need to do is double click them in explorer and Zoom Player will prompt you to install them).

For information on creating your own skins, click here.

Additional Zoom Player Skins can be Downloaded from the Official Skin Site.