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Maximizing TV Playback

Writing this article, I've used the following Hardware and Software:

  1. Intel Pentium 3 @ 733mhz (133mhz bus).
  2. 128mb ram @ 133mhz.
  3. Leadtek GeForce 32mb DDR with SVideo/Composite TV Out (BT869 chipset).
  4. Sony WEGA 29" PAL/NTSC TV @ 100hz.
  5. 15' Composite cable
  6. 30' S-Video cable
  7. TVTool v5.53
  8. Zoom Player v2.40

I used a myriad of ASF, AVI, VCD and DVD video sources at various resolutions and bit rates. And if you can achieve the same results, you would be pleasantly surprised at the playback quality.