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Maximizing TV Playback

Besides playing Media content (AVI/MPEG/Etc...) Zoom Player can also play DVD content by using previously installed DirectShow filters (from players such as PowerDVD/WinDVD/CinePlayer).

Unlike standard players, Zoom Player contains a myriad of settings specifically optimized for TV and Projector playback.

Previously we mentioned screen positioning. This, however, is not the only important Zoom Player feature when viewing Video on the TV. Some cards may use a non-standard Aspect ratio to display the TV image (in such modes as 720x480). Zoom Player can automatically compensate for any aspect ratio mode, allowing you to view the video in it's original aspect ratio.

You can find information on using Zoom Player to adjust the Aspect Ratio here.

Another problem with DVD playback is widescreen black bars. The black bars on a wide screen movie, while in theory should be completely black, are at times encoded as dark grey by certain encoding studios, which can bleed brightness onto the video image and reduce image quality.

Zoom Player can circumvent this problem using it's "Blanking" feature (introduced in v2.40). Using the Blanking Navigator (accessible through the right-click context menu and through a keyboard macro - see keys.txt), you can easily block out unwanted areas of the video making sure no gray bars will be visible.

For the full Zoom Player documentation, click here.