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The guides section highlights Zoom Player's features as well as tutorials addressing Zoom Player itself or other relevant topics. If you haven't found the answers you were looking for, have a look in our FAQ section or visit the Support Forums and post your questions there. The Inmatrix support team will do its best to provide an in-depth answer as soon as possible.

Zoom Player - Installation and Configuration:
  Converting your computer into a Home Entertainment Center.
  Playing DVDs.
  Mobilizing Zoom Player for USB Flash Drives and CD/DVD-ROM Discs.
  Spanning Video across Multiple Monitors (Video Wall).
  Displaying Subtitles with Zoom Player.
  Understanding the Video Aspect Ratio.
  Video Renderers and their Meaning in Zoom Player.
  Displaying TAG (ID3/APE/WMA) Titles in the Play List Editor.
  Playing DVDs with External Subtitle files.
  Running multiple separate copies of Zoom Player on one system.
  A Step by Step guide to installing the Zoom Player Registration Key.

Zoom Player - Power-Features:
  Understanding and using the Navigation interfaces.
  Remembering the last position for Media files.
  Automatic Playback of Archived Content (ZIP/RAR/ALBW MP3 Albums, Comicbook collections, etc...).
  Introduction to Zoom Player Definition Files.
  Quick Overview of Zoom Player's Smart Play technology.
  In-Depth review of Zoom Player's Smart Play technology.
  Creating Zoom Player Manual DVD Graphs.
  Controlling Zoom Player using a web browser.
  The Zoom Player playlist format specifications.
  The Zoom Player play history format specifications.

Zoom Player - Skins & Languages:
  Skinning Documentation.
  Photoshop skinning tutorial.
  Are you aware the default Zoom Player skin has several modes?
  Translating Zoom Player into new Languages.

Enhance your System:
  Configuring your system for Media Playback.
  Maximizing TV Playback Quality.
  Configuring your system for Remote Control using Girder.
  Using Convolver with Zoom Player Professional (article by Convolver).

DVD in General (not specific to Zoom Player):
  DVD Frequently Asked Questions!
  DVD Tips & Tweaks!
  The Windows 2000/XP Region Code information page.

Video Capture in General (unrelated to Zoom Player):
  ATSC (HDTV) Video Capture 101 by SmC.
  Video Capture 101.
  Video Capture 102 - IVTC using TMPEGEncoder.
  Video Capture 103 - IVTC and Field Matching using AVISynth.