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Pixel Shaders are Direct3D based image processing script files containing algorithms that can be applied to the currently playing video (either before or after the image is resized to the display resolution). Please note that to use pixel shaders, you must set the Video Renderer to MadVR.

Available Pixel Shader scripts
You can add pixel shader visual processing scripts to either the "pre" (before) image resize or "post" (after) the video image is resized. The "Add Script" button is used to copy new or modified pixel shader ".HLSL" files to Zoom Player's pixel shader folder and making the copied scripts available for instant use. The "Delete" button erases the selected script file from Zoom Player's pixel shader folder.

Pixel Shader presets
You can combine a set of pixel shaders into a preset which is later accessible through keyboard macros or simply by applying a preset through the options dialog. The first 8 pixel shader presets can be applied during playback using the Alt+Shift+"F1-F8" keyboard macros.

Current shader scripts
Split into "pre-image resize" and "post image resize", these interfaces provide functionality to change the pixel shader scripts processing order and create new pixel shader presets.