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How do I play a DVD from my Hard Disk?

First you must copy the entire DVD to the hard disk using specialized tools such as DVD Decrypter (preferred) or Smart Ripper, latest versions of both can be found at doom9.org. You need to copy them into a dedicated sub-directory named for the Disc (in order for bookmarks to later work properly). For example:
"C:\My Movies\Kick Ass Movie"

Where "Kick Ass Movie" is the actual name of the movie you intend to play off the hard disk. Once copied, load Zoom Player (DVD or Media mode, doesn't really matter), press the Open button and locate the directory you copied the DVD into. Select the "VIDEO_TS.IFO" file and press Open.

Zoom Player should now switch to DVD mode (if it wasn't already in it) and play the DVD. If this doesn't work, you may have missed a step listed above, or something may be wrong with your filter configuration.

Another option is to use DVD Decrypter to rip the disc to ISO mode, in which case DVD Decrypter will create a single file containing an image of the disc. This may require your hard disk to be formatted to NTFS as the FAT32 file system is limited to 4gb files.

Once the ISO image has been created, you can mount it as a Virtual DVD drive using such tools as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.