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What are the Media Filter Files and how do they work?

The Media Filter Files are text files that instruct Zoom Player to add additional components (filters) into the media decoding procedure. These can range from Subtitle display filters to Audio Processing filters (Pre-Amp, EQ, etc...).

By using a specific filter file, you can "recommend" which filters you want used during playback and if it's possible to use your recommended filters, they will be included in the decoding process.

The "zplayer.filters" file contains complete documentation on how to add filters, simply open it in any text editor (such as NotePad) and use it as a base to write your own files. Once you create a file (with the ".filters" extension), it can be selected from the Filters list in the Zoom Player options dialog.

There shouldn't really be any reason to use this interface as all its capabilities are now supported through the more advanced Smart Play mode. This interface is mainly maintained for backward compatibility.