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Zoom Commander's installation is comprised of a 'Commander' control application and a 'Presenter' content display software. This section of the documentation addresses the installation of the Presenter software. The Commander installation documentation is available here.

Before beginning the installation process, download the latest version of the installer.
The installer's EXE name structure is "zcommandnnn.exe", where "nnn" represents the version number.
For example "zcommand900.exe", or for a beta version "zcommand900b7.exe".

  1. Double click the installer EXE file to
    begin the installation process.

  2. Installation selection screen, select the "Present" option:

  3. The Zoom Presenter license screen:

  4. Select the installation mode:

  5. Select the installation path:

  6. Select where to create shortcuts to Zoom Presenter:

  7. Installation Complete:

  8. Add Zoom Presenter Instance entries.

  9. Run the Install Center and download any missing components:

  10. Use the Zoom Presenter INSTANCE manager to run Zoom Presenter instances.