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Zoom Player's Smart Play

Certain file formats may not require any decoder filter (RAW formats like PCM Audio), for these file formats you can use the "Null Filter" (listed on the standard filter list).

You will notice that each of the editors contains a Profile section. These profiles are used to save the filter lists. Zoom Player ships with pre-configured profiles for all the major (and some of the not so major) file types encountered over the years. These profiles should save you some time when you want to switch between different Splitters and Decoders quickly.

When checking the pin properties in GraphEdit, the Sub Type may actually be listed as a name instead of the usual "{}" bound string. For example, on MPEG1 Video you will get "MPEG1Payload" or "MPEG1Video". GraphEdit is actually using a translation table. You can actually find these Sub Type strings in the DirectShow SDK, under "uuids.h" or "ksuuids.h".

If you have any additional questions regarding this interface, leave a message on the forum.