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Below are a list of the tools you will probably need. Most are basic necessities, but a few are more arcane.

AVISynthEssential video scripting program.
Decomb AVISynth filter used to Decimate and IVTC video.
MPEG2Dec AVISynth filter used to read DVD2AVI D2V project files.
DVD2AVI Essential MPEG2 reader and server.
HDTVtoMPEG2 Transport stream converter. Moves from .TS to MPEG2 files.
HuffYUV Lossless video codec for transcoding quickly.
Pulldown Tool for inserting 2:3 pulldown header in MPEG2/SVCD files.
VFAPI Tool for general purpose frame-serving.
WinTV-D Tools Essential tools for poor bastards like myself who are stuck with a WinTV-D.
Azid AC3 to WAV tool.
BBDMUX Take AC3 or MPV from a TS file.
BCDMUX Take AC3 or MPV from a TS file as well, but different method.
Error Counter Counts and reports errors in an MPEG2 transport stream.
PID Eraser Erase PIDs from an MPEG2 transport stream.