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FREEPROMAXSTEAMFeature Description
---×Use XBOX 360 and compatible controllers as remote control with custom, user-assigned functionality.
--××Early and frequent access to pre-release builds.
--××Blu-Ray Decrypted Main-Movie Playback (with subtitles).
--××Thumbnail preview when hovering with the mouse cursor over the timeline.
--××Customizable Mouse Gestures.
--××Display chapters/bookmarks position directly on the timeline.
--××Media Scheduler with remote TCP/IP network based programming support.
--××Automatically restore the previously active subtitle track on replay.
--××Automatically restore the previously active audio track on replay.
--××Remotely create and manage playlists without affecting current playback.
--××Create Mobile-Phone RingTones from playing media.
--××GuardDog (Auto-Restart if the player locks up).
--××Scene-Cut Interface (Dynamic, Virtual Audio/Video editing).
--××Video Wall (Span Videos across multiple monitors using the EVR Renderer).
--××Non-Linear 16:9/4:3 video scaling using EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer).
--××Support for Local Configuration file (easily run different configurations/instances on the same PC).
--××Video Orbiting (Prevents screen-burns).
--××Auto-Execute external programs Running/Closing the player.
--××Extended Command Lines "/x", "/y", "/w", "/h", "/nCols", "/nRows", "/Col", "/Row".
--××Extended Command Lines "/browse", "/func", "/exfunc", "/config", "/multinst", "/seek".
--××Extended Command Lines "/datapath", "/winname", "/connecttcp", "/sharepath".
--××HTML Interactivity.
--××Flash Interactivity.
--××QuickTime Interactivity.
--××Copy current play position to the clipboard.
-×××Fullscreen media center navigation interface with easy to use controls for both Home Theater PCs (HTPC) and Tablets (or other touch devices).
-×××Advanced Smart Play controls (Create your own Smart Play profiles, select & configure custom decoders for each media format).
-×××Fullscreen media center navigation Safe Mode (hide dangerous functions from inexperienced users).
-×××Fullscreen media center navigation custom background image.
-×××Real-Time manual audio re-synchronization with optional initial synchronization value.
-×××Communication & Control API (TCP/IP, WinAPI's SendMessage or COM), supported by many 3rd party applications.
-×××Windows Media (WMV/WMA) DRM Support.
-×××Playlist Power Manager (enhanced search/playlist manipulation).
-×××Control Zoom Player through a Web Interface (web remote).
-×××Audio Visualizations (Sonique, Windows Media Player plugin support).
-×××Mouse Wheel Tilt (left/right) support with selectable functions (Windows VISTA or newer).
-×××Custom mouse click & scroll functions.
-×××Password protected options dialog, preventing other people using the computer from modifying your configuration.
-×××Blank Secondary Monitors (when switching to fullscreen or by calling a function).
-×××Automatic Audio and Subtitle media file stream selection.
-×××Play History (Date, restore previous playback position and more...).
-×××Automatically restore volume level on replay with video files.
-×××Automatically restore volume level on replay with audio files.
-×××Share play history on a network path to resume playback from different machines.
-×××Lock the On Screen Display to a region of the screen.
-×××Auto-Execute external programs when a PAL/NTSC DVD disc is detected (prior to playing) and when the DVD playback is stopped.
-×××Map network paths into the File Browsing Media Center navigation interface.
-×××DVD Password Protected Parental Control.
-×××DVD Trailers interface allowing you to play trailers prior to starting the movie.
-×××Automatic Aspect Ratio, Video Size and Blanking depending on the DVD type (Fullscreen, Letterbox or Anamorphic).
-×××Reload & Replay media files as they are being saved.
-×××Closed Captions Support in Media Files.
-×××Use any DirectShow filter as a custom Video Renderer.
-×××Customize the functions assigned to keyboard navigation (up/down/left/right/enter & space keys).
-×××Override the playlist editor's font with custom fonts.
-×××Pattern Calibration System with White Wash Anti Burn-in mode.
-×××Enhanced Screen Saver controls (Computer generated backgrounds, image slideshows and power saving modes).
-×××Integrated eMule/uTorrent/qBittorrent file tracker (track download progress within the fullscreen navigation interfaces).
-×××Customize the background image visible when nothing is playing.
-×××Customize the background image used when playing audio when no folder image exists.
-×××Add custom functions to the Task-Bar right-click menu (Windows 7 or better).
-×××Extended Command Lines "/lockfs", "/tcp".
-×××Create Contact Sheet (Thumbnail index).
-×××Multiple Customizable Context Menus with extensive support for both DVD and Media modes.
××××No bloat, intuitive interface with a user-friendly design.
××××Install Center application, capable of detecting and securely installing up-to-date decoders, missing system components and language packs to improve stability and versatility.
××××Support for legacy and cutting-edge Video Rendering technologies (Overlay, VMR7, VMR9, EVR, Haali, MadVR).
××××Windows 7 (or better) Task-Bar position coloring.
××××Windows 7 (or better) controls on the preview thumbnail (Mute, Play/Pause, Next/Previous Track).
××××10-Band Equalizer with Digital PreAmp and Presets.
××××DVD Playback from Disc, Hard Drive or network connection.
××××Remember/Resume from last media position.
××××Quickly jump between multiple saved positions using media Chapters (or DVD Bookmarks).
××××Go-To Interface to quickly and accurately seek into any position within a media file.
××××Automatically Extract & Play Archived (zip/rar/7z/etc) content.
××××Video Post-Processing (DeInterlacing, Sharpening, etc).
××××Play incomplete AVI files.
××××Play files locked by third party programs.
××××Powerful, category based Media Library interface.
××××Automatically play multi-part media files.
××××AB-Repeat (Repeat a section of the playing media in a loop).
××××Choose from Multiple DVD Audio & Video decoders for improved compatibility and reliability.
××××Smart DVD Bookmarking tool, including auto-loading bookmarks.
××××Auto-Remember DVD position per-disc (each DVD's position saved separately).
××××Multiple DVD play speeds with adjustable speed values.
××××Preferred DVD language selection (Audio, Video, Subtitle and DVD Menus).
××××Auto-Save definition file per-disc (remember Aspect Ratio Video Position, Color Values, etc).
××××External DVD Subtitle Support (Use subtitles from an external file).
××××Temporarily disable Auto-Play to prevent other programs from popping up when a DVD disc is inserted.
××××DVD, Media, Audio and Media Center navigation skins.
××××Advanced media format support (multiple language tracks, subtitles and chaptering in AVI, OGM, MKV and more).
××××High resolution subtitle rendering on low resolution video using xySubFilter and MadVR.
××××Integration with Windows VISTA's Media Library folders (auto-mapped to Zoom Player's media library).
××××Start player window locked to Fullscreen mode (Hide the fact that your computer is your media center back-end).
××××DXVA (hardware assisted) decoding with H.264 and VC1 video formats.
××××Integrated image viewer (JPG/PNG/BMP) with Zoom, Panning and image-rotation functionality.
××××High Quality Icon library containing extension-specific system icons (used when the Player is associated with a file format).
××××Mouse Gestures.
××××Automatically load and display embedded/external background images when playing audio files (APE/FLAC/ID3/etc).
××××Fullscreen Virtual Keyboard (used for renaming files from the fullscreen interfaces and elsewhere where appropriate).
××××Extensive Playlist support ZPL/B4S/M3U/WPL (including native Unicode and UTF8 file names).
××××Smart Play support (Faster loading files, no decoder conflicts and smoother playback on less powerful computers).
××××Microsoft 'MMS' Audio/Video Streaming.
××××Multi-Format video streaming of media files or live streams over HTTP.
××××SHOUTcast Radio streaming
××××Definition system which saves and restores information on the playing media (Aspect Ratio/Color Values/etc).
××××Easy access to popular filter interfaces such as XVID/H.264 dialogs, DirectVobSub language selection, etc.
××××Fast Play support for most media formats (as long as your CPU can handle the extra load).
××××Fast Forward and Rewind support with all media formats.
××××User-Specified accelerated list scrolling speed (for large playlists and other content).
××××Quick 'starting with' or 'containing' keyboard searches of large lists.
××××Enhanced 'On Playlist Complete' setting, allowing control over what actions are taken when playback ends.
××××Auto-Aspect ratio compensation for badly encoded 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (fullscreen) content
××××Manual-Aspect ratio adjustment
××××ID3, APE, FLAC and WMA Tag information visualization.
××××Virtual meta-data editor for both Audio and Video media files.
××××4 Level Zoom-In Toggle (16.6%, 13.3%, 50%, 100%).
××××Windows Media Format 9 High Resolution Multi-Channel Audio Rendering.
××××Auto-Play Media CD/USB/External drives.
××××Bicubic, smooth scaled image slideshows.
××××Easily associate any file format, including an icon navigation interface that allows you to easily decide which icon is used.
××××Play random trailers before or after your Movies.
××××Multilingual (Translated into multiple languages) with Unicode 16bit Character support.
××××Basic and Advanced options dialog, making Zoom Player easy for new users while giving ultimate flexibility to power users.
××××Mute audio while seeking.
××××Automatic Skin-Mode Switching depending on type of content played (DVD/Media/Audio).
××××Dynamic skinning engine with full support for color-tinting.
××××Powerful Aspect Ratio controls, including support for non square pixels (Pixel Aspect Ratio), manual Fit-To-Specified-Area Aspect Ratio, Anamorphic Aspect Ratio and even a Custom user-specified ratio.
××××Easy control of Video Size and Positioning while in fullscreen, allowing you to position the video anywhere and at any size on screen.
××××Fully keyboard mapped features and dialogs, covering every function used by the player (useful with Remote Control, keyboard devices and HTPC systems).
××××Programmable keyboard editor, including support for chaining multiple functions to one key and Global Hot-Keys (keys that work even when the player is not focused).
××××Advanced mouse controls with customizable functions, including a wide array of mouse-wheel supported features (extremely useful with HTPC systems).
××××Custom Video Position, Aspect Ratios, Color Control and Image Blanking presets.
××××Dynamic Control Bar, providing easy navigation while in full screen mode, complete with user-selected on-bar functions.
××××Detachable Control Bar, allowing you to easily control player functionality from a secondary monitor.
××××4xSpeed seeking (short/medium/long/very long) with customizable speeds for quickly seeking forward/backward within the playing media.
××××Extensive command line support.
××××Override the system-default Audio Output device and assign output to any other audio device on the system.
××××User specified registry location, supporting multiple running copies of the player using different configuration profiles.
××××Web URL Navigation system, allowing you to associate DVD and Media files with a URL or local information file.
××××Fully Multi-Monitor compliant with powerful multi-monitor features.
××××Multiple Skin-Modes within a single skin (default/small/minmalistic/frame-only/etc).
××××Docking user interface elements to Window Borders and Advanced Magnetic Docking capabilities.
××××Translucent user interface (Requires Windows Vista or newer with the Aero interface enabled).
××××DVB Support using DCoder's DC-DVB filter, including tuning and time shifting.
××××Change screen resolution when going into fullscreen and restore when leaving fullscreen.
××××Screenshot support in JPG, PNG and BMP formats.
××××LIRC Remote Control support.
××××Shortcut File Parsing for easy redirection of DVD and Media content from a centralized location.
××××Blanking feature used to cover up non-black area of encoded Video (useful when playing widescreen DVDs or badly encoded media files).
××××Girder Command file export for maximum control through a remote device and System Automation.
××××Full support for GraphEdit ".GRF" files.
××××Backward (Windows 98) and Forward compatible with all versions of windows running on Intel processors.