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The ZPL (Zoom Player Play List) Format

A lot of applications seem to favor XML as a file format for their playlist. Zoom Player doesn't. The reason? XML is very slow to parse and you don't really need its complexity for playlists.

The Format:
Zoom Player's ZPL Play List format is very simple. It consist of text tags, each on it's own line (to make parsing faster). Each file entry ends with a special break tag. Zoom Player's play list can be in unicode text files in order to support NON-English unicode file names.

The Tags:
ACActive File Name, the last file to have been played when the list was saved. This is a global entry and should only exist once in a play list (optional).
NMThe file name.
DRThe file's duration in seconds (optional).
TTThe file's title/description (TAG, optional).
TGThe file's genre (TAG, optional).
TRThe file's track number (TAG, optional).
TLThe file's language (TAG, optional).
TAThe file's artist name (TAG, optional).
TBThe file's album name (TAG, optional).
TYThe file's production year (TAG, optional).
THThe file's author name (TAG, optional).
TEThe file's encoder (TAG, optional).
TCThe file's comment (TAG, optional).
TUThe file's URL (TAG, optional).
TOThe file's copyright (TAG, optional).
FDUsed to force a duration (in seconds) on a file. Useful for image slideshows (optional).
FTFile Type, set to "6" to treat the file name as a web page URL.
RNIf specified, the playlist will be sorted randomly (optional).
SRIf specified, the playlist will be sorted:
SR=0 : Sort by Name
SR=1 : Sort by File Type (extension)
SR=2 : Sort by Date
SR=3 : Sort by Size
SR=4 : Sort by Folder (path)
SR=5 : Sort by Duration (media length)
SR=6 : Sort Randomly (same as RN tag)
SAErase the playlist file after reading it (use with care!)
BR!End of file entry. Each file entry should end with this tag.

TT=The first video!