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Displaying TAG (ID3/APE/WMA) Titles in the Play List Editor

This feature requires at least Zoom Player v4.10,
The first thing you need to do is enable auto-loading of TAG data for file extensions that support it. This is done under the "Advanced Options / System / File Extensions - Auto-Get Duration..." dialog.

A good value for this entry is "AVI;CDA;FLAC;MP3;MPA;OGG", this covers most file formats likely to contain TAG information.

Next open "Advanced Options / Interface / Playlist" and make sure "Use Media Title if Available" is enabled.

Now, any loaded play list will automatically show the track length and if a TAG title exists, it will be shown in place of the file name. Note that loading TAG information slows down the creation of play lists, play list containing several 100's of entries may experience a slight delay.