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--- What's new in Zoom Player v9:

 New :

  * Support for XInput (XBOX360 and compatible) controllers:
    1. Each button can be assigned a Zoom Player functions.
    2. The DPAD can be used for fullscreen navigation.
    3. The thumb sticks are assigned special functions that change
       in strength based on the pressure applied to the stick.

    This feature is limited to the Steam Edition of Zoom Player.

  * New thumbnail preview when hovering over the timeline (MAX only).
    Thumbnail preview currently works only on media formats that report
    key frame position.
    Enable under:
    Adv. Options / Control Bar / Timeline Area    

  * Extensive changes to the Smart Play profiles, enabling newer, better
    codecs for many profiles.  Please report any issues playing a format
    that previously used to play.

  * New "Automatically restore the previously active subtitle track on replay"
    Play History setting.

  * New "Automatically restore the previously active audio track on replay"
    Play History setting.

  * The slate navigation interface has been tweaked and now displays the
    current time & date.

  * A 'New Folder' function has been added to the Media Library and file
    Browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces.

  * New rename function accessible either through the playlist's right-click
    menu or using the Alt+Shift+"M" to rename the currently playing file.

  * The fullscreen navigation interface now display an integrated clock (date,
    time and day).

  * New Smart Play profiles for H.265 (HEVC) and VP9.

  * The Microsoft Windows TV '.WTV' file extension is now supported by
    Smart Play using the 'MPEG2 Program' Smart Play profile.

  * New "GIF" smart play profile to better support animated GIF playback.

  * New Alt+Shift+"O" keyboard macro used to enable/disable MadVR's
    'Smooth Motion' feature.

  * New Setting "Adv. Options / Playback / Video" that controls whether
    MadVR's smooth motion feature is enabled, disabled or MadVR default.

  * New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Mouse / Settings) that controls
    mouse cursor visibility for all dialogs in both fullscreen and windowed
    mode (useful when only using a remote control or keyboard).

  * New video rotation function (fnVideoRotate), assigned to the Shift+"R"
    keyboard macro that uses MadVR along with Pixel Shader scripts to rotate
    the video image.  Each use turns the video 90 degrees clockwise.
    This feature requires using MadVR as the video renderer and using a
    display card capable of at least Pixel Shader model 2 (supported by
    most display hardware purchased in recent years).

  * New Function "fnMadVRSmootMo" that enables/disables MadVR's smooth motion

  * New Extended Function "exStayOnTop" used to set StayOnTop mode.

  * New "exSlideshow" extended function used to specify the slideshow delay
    (wait period) between two images.

  * New "exFastFoward" and "exRewind" extended functions, used to set a
    custom fast forward or rewind rate on the fly by assigning the new
    functions to a button or interface hardware (keyboard/remote/etc).

  * New "exSlowMotion" extended function, used to set a slow motion rate
    on the fly by assigning the new functions to a button or interface
    hardware (keyboard/remote/etc).

  * The playlist editor's sort menu can now sort by ascending or
    descending order.

  * The contact sheet settings are now saved.

  * New "/FMax" command line parameter that starts with the Player set to
    fullscreen across all connected monitors.

  * New skin script code used to display the time & date within fullscreen
    navigation interfaces, for more information see:

  * New Comm API message #0110, returning the current system time in
    multiple time formats.
  * New Comm API message #0120, used to request the monitor layout.

  * New Comm API message #0130, used to request available audio devices.

  * New Comm API message #0132, used to set the active audio device.

  * New Comm API message #0134, used to request the active audio device.

  * New Comm API message #0142, used to set the active video renderer.

  * New Comm API message #0144, used to request the active video renderer.

  * New Comm API message #0150, used to enable or disable mouse cursor
    visibility for all dialogs in both fullscreen and windowed mode.
  * New Comm API message #6040, returning the current playlist with 
    path relative to the share path specified using the /SharePath
    command line parameter.

  * New Comm API message #6105, used to enable/disable the scheduler.

  * New Comm API message #2310, used to adjust the audio volume level.

 Changes :

  + The file association for Windows 8 now opens the Windows file
    association interface as Microsoft completely locked down any external
    changes to file association starting with Windows 8.

  + In previous versions, trying to play a DVD would initially open
    a dialog to choose the audio/video decoders to use for DVD playback.
    Now, If installed, LAV Filters are used as the default
    audio/video decoders.

    So now, on a fresh install, you only need to switch to DVD mode and
    hit play.

  + The Shift+"R" keyboard macro has been changed from "reverse aspect ratio"
    cycle to "video rotation".

  + The play next media file in the same directory feature no longer tries to
    open playlist files which could be abused and cause the feature to play
    media files outside the original playing folder.

  + Incomplete AVI files can now be played using LAV Filters as the source
    filter, making the 'Gabest AVI Splitter' filter obsolete (and no longer
    available for download through the install center).

  + The Shift+"A" and Alt+"A" keyboard macros for opening the audio decoding
    filter configuration dialog have been merged into the Alt+"A" macro.

  + The active/inactive buttons on skinned dialogs are now clearer.

  + The "Still Image" smart play profile is no longer used for GIF images.

  + The "Open Item Directory" entry on the playlist editor's right click menu
    now opens an explorer window with the file highlighted.
    Previously, only the directory would open.

  + The load-playlist button on the playlist editor will now open in the
    "default media open path" folder if one is specified.

  + Updated the HuffYUV Smart Play profile to support HuffYUV files created
    using ffmpeg/ffdshow encoder.

  + Comm API message #6010 now returns the number of files verified to exist
    on the system.

 Fixes :

  - Windows 8.1 multi-monitor DPI is now supported, the Zoom Player user
    interface will maintain its correct size and sharpness regardless of
    the monitor's DPI setting.

  - Disabling the windows screen saver and monitor powerdown now only works
    while in fullscreen as intended (previously, the powerdown was completely
    disabled while Zoom Player was running).

  - Trying to shutdown windows while Zoom Player is playing a media file could
    cause Zoom Player to close improperly.

  - Fixed glitch that caused the FPU accuracy to drop, causing sorting
    issues with files having a time difference of less than a minute.

  - Opening a DVD Menu using LAV filters may cause the menu not to refresh

  - Under some condition, DVD Fast Forward and Rewind could cause the displayed
    subtitle to remain fixed on-screen.

  - Some settings on the 'Adv. Options / Playback / Video' were accidentally
    showing a dialog stating a different version of Zoom Player was required.

  - Some Play History settings were not being grayed out in the options
    dialog when they should have been.

  - When the multi part file loader feature is set to 'Automatic Match',
    playing a file with a name comprised only of numbers that converts to
    a very high value, triggered a crash.

  - Trying to use the "Random play a file with the same extension from the
    playing directory" or "Random play a media file from the playing directory"
    functions would result in an instant access violation error.

  - Using Zoom Player's playlist format to specify the "SR=6" (sort Randomly)
    tag would result in a corrupted playlist.

  - Delayed DVD seeking was always active when seeking backwards, even when
    the "Delayed DVD seeking" setting was disabled.

  - After the operating system has been up for more than 25 days, the mouse
    double-click functions in the fullscreen navigation interface would
    cease working.

  - Double-clicking the 'previous directory' icon in the media library and
    file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces could automatically select
    a file or folder in the parent directory.

  - The "SPACE" button on the virtual keyboard did not work when the text
    carrot was at the end of the line.

  - Trying to seek in a DVD that was authored to disable seeking in certain
    title will now show an OSD pop-up message informing that this is the case.

  - Clicking too quickly on the virtual keyboard keys would type in the same
    character twice.

  - The Smart Play profile for OPUS audio is now using the LAV Audio Decoder
    by default as the DC-Bass decoder did not properly support all OPUS files.

  - DVD that contain disc titles with invalid file name characters now properly
    save any disc-specific information (such as resume from last position).

  - Going up a folder from the fullscreen station navigation function interface
    would not work correctly and could lead to a crash.

  - Opening a web page will now cover the entire display area, ignoring
    aspect ratio settings.

  - Worked around a uTorrent bug that prevented download percentage
    from appearing in media navigation fullscreen interfaces for certain
    file names.

  - When the "Save Position" checkbox is unticked in the Skins Selection
    window, while using the "F6" skin mode, clicking the "Switch to Standard
    User Interface" button did not retain the user interface when switching.
  - In F6 mode, clicking the "Switch to Standard User Interface" button
    doesn't retain the size of the interface when switching has been fixed.

  - A minor visual glitch in the Audio skin's bottom right buttons down state
    has been corrected.

  - Fixed a crash when closing the player with the 'Show time seek position
    over timeline' setting enabled.
  - The volume skin widget did not support unicode (non-english) characters.

  - Fixed two vulnerabilities identified by researcher 'Kaveh Ghaemmaghami'
    and brought to our attention by 'Secunia Research' related to malformed
    BMP files.

  - Using the playlist editor to sort by file size would not work when the
    "Don't check if a file exists when adding a file to the Playlist (faster
    loading)" setting was enabled.
    Trying to sort by file size will now notify you of this issue.

  - A single frame shift would occur when pausing video with the EVR/VMR
    video renderers.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

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