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--- What's new in Zoom Player v9.2.0:

  * XBOX controller sticks can now be used to Pan & Scan directshow
    zoomed video.

  * New "Speed" parameter assignable to XBOX controller stick and trigger
    functions specifies the number of operations per second to perform,
    customizing motion accuracy for each function.

  * The mouse left-click button can now be assigned to Pan & Scan directshow
    zoomed video.

  * When the mouse left-click button is set to "Mouse Gestures", a new
    function can be assigned to a static click, by default the function
    is Play/Pause.

  * The DirectShow Zooming & Panning features now apply to the internal image
    viewer (JPEG/PNG/BMP) as well.

  * The internal image viewer (JPEG/PNG/BMP) now supports image rotation by 90
    degree increments using the Shift+"R" keyboard macro.

  * Video streaming over http is now supported when using the
    "Open->Streaming link" feature from the right-click context menu.

  * New virtual meta-data editing accessible through the playlist editor's
    right-click context menu or for the currently playing media using the
    Ctrl+Shift+"T" keyboard macro.
    The virtual editor saves the meta-data in Zoom Player's ZPL playlist
    format without modifying the meta-data within media files themselves.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Smart Play / Settings) that
    specifies whether http media streaming builds a video or audio graph
    when the specified URL does not contain a file extension (for example

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to auto-sort playlists
    on load (excluding the default playlist used when restarting the player).

  * The right-arrow appearing on multiple fullscreen navigation interfaces
    is now clickable and equivalent of using the right arrow key keyboard

  * New button and right-click context menu entry on the playlist editor to
    add streaming URLs (e.g. "http://www.somesite.org/folder/channel1.ts").

  + The chapter-points graphical elements in the bundled Onyx and Alba skins
    is now better color-coded to make it easier to see behind text.

  + The auto-part loader now ignores space characters when trying to decide
    if the next file in the directory should be automatically inserted
    into the playlist.

  + Added a warning to reload the playing media when enabling "Show time 
    seek position over Timeline" setting with "Show position preview
    thumbnail" previously enabled.

  + Added a warning to reload the playing media when enabling the "Display
    OSD through MadVR's OSD API (preserves fullscreen exclusive mode)"

  + The options dialog is now slightly wider to better account for the width
    required to display the entire settings tree.

  + When playing a live stream, pausing now stops the graph instead of being
    completely disabled.

  + The multi-part file loader will no longer try to find multiple parts when
    the file loaded is a playlist.

  + The play history fullscreen navigation interface now has a small arrow
    on the active line signifying access to additional functionality.

  - The ZPL playlist parsing code ignored meta-data such as the title if the
    playlist entry was a URL (link).

  - Fixed multiple issues with M3U playlist parsing, including parsing of
    UTF8 encoding and meta-data parsing of titles for streaming links.

  - Mouse gestures could conflict with the mouse left-click combined with
    holding the Alt or Ctrl key functions.

  - With the "Auto-Save Media Chapter files (".ZPCHP" files)" setting enabled,
    chapter files were not being saved automatically under some circumstances.

  - A few JPEG orientation modes were not displaying in the correct

  - Setting the "Screen-Align the Control Bar to" setting to "Top" or "Bottom"
    caused MadVR to drop out of fullscreen exclusive mode every time the
    control bar was shown.

  - With the "Screen-Align the Control Bar to" setting set to "Top" or
    "Bottom", the control bar would align within the video in fullscreen
    mode instead of the top/bottom positions.

  - With EVR set as the video renderer, the first time a media was loaded
    caused a momentary glitch in the skin (black box appearing behind the
    skin's button).

  - The PreAmp equalizer slider would get reset when the audio was muted
    if the "Link volume up/down functions to PreAmp volume..." setting
    was enabled.

  - Adding a web page to the playlist and then saving and loading the playlist
    or just restarting the player would cause the playlist entry to be
    played as a media file (and failing) instead of opening as a web page.

  - The extended fullscreen navigation interface would show "???" instead of
    displaying unicode language-specific texts.
  - Fixed a typo in one of the function descriptions.

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