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--- What's new in Zoom Player v9.1.0:

  * The left mouse click can now be set to "Mouse Gestures".

  * You can now assign 4 mouse gestures (up/down/left/right) when gesturing
    with the mouse cursor while holding down the left mouse button or by
    swiping a finger on touch displays a forth of the way across the screen.
    By default the assigned functions are:
    Left  : Medium seek backward
    Right : Medium seek forward
    Up    : Previous Track
    Down  : Next Track
    All gestures can be assigned a custom function in the MAX version.
  * xySubFilter support for full resolution subtitle rendering when playing
    lower resolution video content.
    MadVR must be used as the video renderer for xySubFilter to function.
    Please note that the current version of xySubFilter may break ffdshow
    subtitle rendering if the xySubFilter filter is registered.

  * The XInput (XBOX360 and compatible controllers) interface can now assign
    Zoom-in and Zoom-out functions to the left and right Trigger buttons.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Control Bar / Timeline Area)
    that displays chapter points on the timeline.  When the mouse hovers over
    a chapter point, a pop-up shows the chapter name.
    This feature requires a skin that includes additional chapter-point
    graphical elements.  The Onyx and Alba skins include this support.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / System / Screen Saver) to always disable the
    windows screen saver and monitor powerdown while Zoom Player is running.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Mouse) that enables the
    Mouse's middle click (wheel click) to reset DirectShow Zooming.

  * New Settings (Adv. Options / Interface / Mouse) that enable the
    Mouse's left click combined with holding either the Alt or Ctrl keys
    to pan the DirectShow Zoomed video (panning is currently limited to
    the EVR video renderer).

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Mouse Wheel) that allows the
    DirectShow Zoom In/Out functions to be assigned to the mouse wheel.

  * New extended "exDirectShowZoom" function used to specify a zoom-in
    factor when using a DirectShow video renderer.  Unlike standard
    Zoom-in, DirectShow based zooming works even in windowed mode.

  * New "fnDSZoomIn" and "fnDSZoomOut" functions that Zoom into and out
    of the video area when using a DirectShow video renderer. Unlike 
    standard Zoom-in, DirectShow based zooming works even in windowed

  * New Comm API message #1705 notifying of a subtitle stream change.

  * New Comm API message #1605 notifying of an audio stream change.

  * New "TimelineChapters" and "TimelineCBarChapters" skin scripting
    functions used to specify coordinates for the timeline chapter marks.

  + Comm API message #1702 (get subtitle stream names),  only worked
    in DVD mode. It now works for media mode subtitle steams as well.

  + The 'Current Position' is now horizontally centered in the chapter editor.

  + The font size used when creating contact sheets was too small, making the
    text unreadable when creating lower resolution contract sheet images.

  + Restored subtitle compatibility with the latest version of ffdshow.
    Using the ffdshow subtitle rendering option should now work.

  - Playing media files with both embedded and external subtitle tracks
    with the embedded subtitle tracks set as both not-default and not-forced,
    the next subtitle track function would require several tries to properly
    show the correct subtitle track and at times, the OSD pop-up may have shown
    the wrong active subtitle track name.

  - Adding a chapter point to a media file would list the new chapter
    in the wrong order within the chapter editor.

  - Removing chapters using the chapter editor did not prompt to
    erase the chapter files when all chapters were removed, causing
    the chapters to re-appear after re-loading the media.

  - Using the next/previous chapter buttons would pop an action OSD
    containing character encoding instead of the actual character.
    For example "&comma" instead of ",".

  - The 'Show OSD filename when opening a new file' setting stopped working.
  - Detaching the Control Bar when using MadVR as the video renderer
    would cause the control bar to appear twice under certain circumstances.

  - Setting the control bar to appear at the top/bottom of the screen
    instead of the video area would not work when using MadVR as the
    video renderer.

  - Disabling the "Auto Play" setting broke the "Automatically restore the
    last media position on replay" feature.

  - With "Auto-Size User Interface to fit Source Video Resolution (on load)"
    and "Limit Auto-Size to User Interface Height" settings enabled, playing
    a video while fullscreen and then exiting fullscreen would have resulted
    in a window the same size as the source video's full resolution instead of
    only adjusting the height to compensate for the aspect ratio.

  - Searching for some buttons using the options dialog's search feature
    would prevent the searched buttons from being clicked until the search
    dialog was closed first.

  - Enabling the 'Always start with media subtitles hidden' setting would
    cause a 'Play' OSD to pop-up when playing a media file containing

  - The current time and date did not appear on any fullscreen navigation
    interface based on the virtual keyboard (Rename, New Folder, etc).


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

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