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--- What's new in Zoom Player v9.4:

  * New feature to load DirectShow filters directly from a DLL even if the
    filter is not registered/installed on the system (Adv. Options / Playback
    / Smart Play / Info & DLL Paths).

    The external DLL paths are searched when Zoom Player tries to create a
    filter that is not registered with the operating system.
    + All paths are relative to Zoom Player's EXE's folder.
    + Some filters may require registry entries to work.

  * New "<" icon next to a fullscreen navigation interface's icon/title to
    provide a clear visual indicator that clicking the location navigates 
    to the previous navigation page.

  * New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
    Customization) to set the scrollbar's width.

  * New clickable icons for "Play all files in this directory" and
    "Randomly Play all files in this directory".

  * New "Play" icon next to playable entries in multiple fullscreen
    navigation interfaces (media library, file browser, etc).

  * You can now select MadVR as the Windows Media DRM playback
    video renderer.

  + Large playlist load time has been optimized by up to 200%.

  + You can now single-click previous directory icon to go to the previous

  + New "Unknown" icon now used with unknown file types in file listing
    fullscreen navigation interfaces (media library, file browser, etc).

  + When loading a playlist comprised of multiple playlists, each with a sort
    method specified in the playlist, the playlists will now be individually
    sorted and appended instead of the final playlist being sorted.

  + The fullscreen navigation scrollbar width is no longer dependant on the
    width of the dialog as that didn't make sense rotating displays (such as
    tablets). The scroll bar width is now fixed size.

  + The icon used to access the fullscreen navigation interface's functions
    page has been modified to more clearly indicate the action taken by
    clicking the icon.

  + On the fullscreen navigation function pages of the media library and
    file browsing interfaces, on the "Add to Playlist" entry, the icon has
    been changed from a right arrow to a playlist icon to better indicate
    that clicking the icon opens the playlist navigation interface.

  + The playlist icon has been replaced with a new, polished design.

  - The "Create Contact Sheet" feature got completely broken in v9.3.

  - The fullscreen navigation interfaces did not resize when rotating the
    screen orientation.

  - When playing a media with external audio track files, the used filters
    may not have been released properly from memory, causing all sorts of
    possible issues (for example, MadVR would not release it's overlay,
    covering the video area when playing audio files afterwards).

  - The fullscreen playlist navigation interface's font did not adjust in
    size to match the "Navigation Line Count" setting and was not perfectly
    centered within each line.

  - The Alt+"S" keyboard macro that opens the subtitle configuration page
    did not work if the "XySubFilter" subtitle renderer filter was used.

  - When using a detached control bar on the primary screen to display preview
    thumbnails from a video playing on a secondary screen, the thumbnails would
    always appear below the timeline, even when there was space above it.

  - When using a detached control bar on the primary screen to display
    preview thumbnails from a video playing on a secondary screen, the
    thumbnails would initially appear on the secondary until the mouse
    was moved at least 1 pixel over the timeline.

  - The previous fullscreen navigation customization settings were not restored
    if the options dialog was closed using the "Cancel" button.

  - Resizing the fullscreen station navigation interface width could cause the
    station name to overlap the station format and bitrate text fields.

  - The Install Center would list an update as available even if a newer
    version was already installed if the update's build number was higher than
    the currently installed version's build number, for example:
    v9.3.0.102 would appear newer than v9.4.0.3

  - The "DefaultSettings.exe" file did not reset the Steam Edition's settings.

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