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--- What's new in Zoom Player v12:

  * The media library has a new metadata-scraping capability that
    automatically downloads Movie and TV show posters, backdrops,
    still images and displays them in a JukeBox mode.

    This is a major feature, Here is a full guide explaining the best methods
    to ensure your media library collection is scraped correctly:

  * The default fullscreen navigation interface has been cleaned up and
    polished.  If you have previously used a non-default navigation skin,
    you will need to re-apply the skin through the skin selection dialog.

  * Within the Media Library fullscreen navigation interface, the area
    below the file list/thumbnail view that previously showed the filter
    category icons is now replaced with metadata and file information.

    The category filter icon are still accessible on the category
    selection page.

  * New Zoom Player icon on the taskbar and desktop.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface) to specify whether Zoom Player
    should use the enhanced (Windows Vista+) open file dialog.
    This setting is enabled by default.

    The older open dialog has issues with high DPI monitor setting, causing
    some of the icon to appear extremely small.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings)
    to add Extended Controls (Delete Media and Functions Menu) to the path
    area of the media library, playlist and file browsing fullscreen
    navigation interfaces.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings)
    that prevents the "Previous Folder" entry from being added to the
    media library and file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces.

  * New Setting (Media Library Editor / Configure Category) to use a video
    frame from the media file as thumbnail if the meta data scrapers fail.

  * New Setting (Media Library Editor / Configure Category) that controls
    whether the thumbnail's background is darkened or not.
    The default value for this setting is determined by the category type.

  * New Setting (Media Library Editor / Configure Category) that controls
    the number of text lines to display under each thumbnail.
    Depending on the media file's name length, the file name will be
    word-wrapped across multiple lines.

  * New Setting (Media Library Editor / Configure Category) that enables
    JukeBox mode, where the movie poster, backdrop images and metadata
    are scraped from an online database (TheMovieDB.org) and then displayed
    as a full-screen presentation when opening a folder.
    For more information, see:

  * New Setting (Media Library Editor / Configure Category) that controls
    whether folders with thumbnails should display the folder icon in
    the background or only the thumbnail.

  * New Setting (Media Library Editor / Configure Category) that determines
    whether the metadata derived title or file name is drawn on thumbnails.

  * New folder scraping blacklist (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen
    Navigation / Thumb View), enabling you to prevent scraping of folders.
    The main use of this new feature is to prevent "sample" and
    "subs" folder from being scraped, especially when downloading movie
    posters from TheMovieDB.org or other online databases.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / BluRay) to let DirectShow
    filters handle BluRay parsing.  This setting is enabled by default
    and allows 3rd party filters (such as LAV filters) to parse the
    BluRay structure and decide on the best title selection.

  * New media library scraping indicator to make the scraping process
    clearer by displaying the number of media files waiting to be scraped.

  * New media library fullscreen navigation thumbnail view mode's folder icon
    designed to better display poster aspect ratio (1:1.5) thumbnails.

  * When creating a new media library video category, a new dialog prompts
    for the type of video category, either "Videos", "TV shows" or "Movies".
    The category type is then use to control the category initial
    configuration and layout.

  * On a fresh install, the Play History dialog's column width are now
    automatically spaced to better cover the grid's width.

  * New skin script variables that control the position and height of the
    thumbnail drawing area (previously it was set to the file-list height),
    allowing the thumbnail grid to better utilize the available screen space.

  * The media library category editor now remembers the last selected tab
    and category mode when re-opening the dialog.

  * Clearing the playlist through the playlist editor now prompts you
    to confirm you want the playlist cleared.

  + The media library category editor (use Shift+"M" or access using the
    right click menu) has been redesigned for enhanced simplicity and user

  + The thumbnail layout setup (Media Library Editor / Configure Category)
    has been rewritten.  Instead of manually specifying the thumbnail
    width and height or using the built-in calculator to do so, you can now
    directly select the thumbnail's aspect ratio and number of columns to
    display along with a new horizontal spacing layout option.
    When changing the thumbnail's aspect ratio, you are now given the option
    to reset the category settings to a new default based on the selected
    aspect ratio.

  + The clear media cache button has moved from the options dialog to the
    media library category editor dialog (Shift+"M").

  + The "Scrape for parent folder name when file name scraping using
    metadata scrapers fails" setting has been moved to the category editor's
    "Configure Category" page.  This makes the setting now per-category
    instead of global for all categories.

  + The "Create folder thumbnails from first media file within the folder
    (if scraping is disabled or fails)" setting has been moved to the category
    editor's "Configure Category" page.  This makes the setting now per-category
    instead of global for all categories.

  + The thumbnail view's thumbnail memory cache now syncs cached thumbnails
    directly with the main thread without waiting for other scraping threads,
    ensuring memory cached thumbnails show up faster while scraping for new

  + The subtitle overlay icon, displayed over a thumbnail in the media library
    has been enhanced for extra clarity (the sub-bits are now highlighted
    in yellow).

  + The media library fullscreen navigation thumbnail view mode's folder icon
    has been enhanced to give extra space to the thumbnail image.

  + When the 'Treat the "Play" function as "Open Media" or "Enter"' setting
    is enabled, using the "Play" function on a folder within the file browsing
    or media library fullscreen navigation interfaces will now play the
    content of the entire folder instead of just entering the folder.

  + Setting thumbnail mode's left/right bump action to 'do nothing' will
    now move the selected entry up/down a row instead of doing nothing.

  + Installing a new skin now prompts you to apply the skin to all skin
    modes (Media/DVD/Audio/Navigation) supported by the newly installed
    skin.  Previously, you were only prompted to open the skin selection

  + Opening a new file through file association (for example, opening a media
    file through explorer) now closes the media library and file browsing
    fullscreen navigation interfaces before playback starts.

  + Input boxes and error/warning/confirmation/information dialogs are no
    longer skinned when triggered from a non-skinned dialog for both
    consistency and to prevent issues with monitor DPI values not matching
    the current skin's resolution.

  + Zoom Player now tries to automatically reduce the font size in the options
    dialog to ensure certain elements fit inside the dialog regardless of
    windows font or DPI settings.

  + The Playlist and Equalizer dialogs are now automatically closed
    when entering fullscreen while using MadVR with "Fullscreen Exclusive Mode"
    enabled if either dialog is opened on the playback monitor.

  - Fixed several high DPI layout issues, especially evident when using
    a high DPI value (300%) used by 4K monitors/TV sets.
    Thank you Adam Howarth for the in-depth 4K testing.

  - The "LAV Hardware Acceleration" setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Video)
    was not applied correctly, forcing the LAV Video Decoder filter to drop
    back to software decoding.

  - Trying to create a new folder through the media library while in thumbnail
    view mode could trigger a "list index out of bounds" crash.

  - Extended functions that can use a negative value parameter (like
    "exFastForward") did not work when a negative value was used.

  - The background image no longer flashes when opening media files through
    explorer (or other applications) while Zoom Player was already playing.

  - The "Chapter editor/Seek to" dialog did not scale properly with monitor
    DPI adjustments.

  - Entering and leaving a media library folder in thumbnail view mode
    extremely quickly could result in a crash or thumbnails not appearing.

  - When two or more media library categories shared the same folder paths
    and the same thumbnail width but with a different thumbnail height, it
    would have prevented the thumbnails from drawing in some of the

  - When using the media library in thumb view mode with the media names
    sorted by date, erasing a file within a folder and then going up
    a folder would no longer show the highlighted folder (the folder itself
    changed position as the folder date changes when files inside are

  - When "Automatically restore last media position on replay" was
    disabled, the "Retain Media Playback History for [x] days" setting
    became inaccessible.

  - The audio device list would re-list the same device multiple times
    under some circumstances, possibly causing audio issues.

  - Using the media library category editor's 'Configure Category'
    dialog to edit a category's settings would reset the category's
    password protection.

  - Switching to some video renderers in the options dialog when
    running under Windows 10 would incorrectly notify you that your
    version of Direct-X is too old.

  - The title area in the bundled fullscreen navigation skins did not properly
    account for the width of Time display when using 12H AM/PM format.

  - The "Multi-Part file loader" automatic match mode did not always
    load multi-part GoPro sequences into the playlist correctly.

  - Smart Play's "Auto-Configure" option could improperly set a partially
    unregistered profile comprising of multiple filters if the unregistered
    filter was sandwiched between two registered filters.

  - Zoom Player should now terminate properly even if there are scraper
    threads busy or stalled.

  - The "Select category type" dialog would not always draw properly
    and you could not use the keyboard to navigate to the "OK" button.
  - Fixed small cosmetic glitch in the "Registered Filter Manager" dialog,
    where a text area was overlayed by an edit box.

  - The options dialog's search box did not return values for settings
    with a description over 100 characters long.

  - Fixed a "Is not a valid integer value" crash when playing a DVD and
    adding chapters with the "Show chapter points on the Timeline" setting

  - DVD bookmarks were listed with a cosmetic glitch (an added ".z" at the
    end of the chapter name).

  - Closing Zoom Player with the Station Manager window open would not
    save any changes made to the station list.

  - Double-Clicking the title area to maximize Zoom Player would also
    trigger a single-click action (default play/pause).

  - If the options dialog was originally opened on a monitor that is now
    turned off, the options dialog will appear screen-centered on the
    main Zoom Player window.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.

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