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--- What's new in Zoom Player v12.5:

  * The media library's TV JukeBox mode is now fully functional.

    With jukebox mode enabled in a TV video category, a new list view
    mode is used to display meta-data (overview, rating, duration, etc)
    and a thumbnail ("still image" from an online database or a screenshot
    extracted from the video itself) on the right side of the screen when
    entering a folder containing media files.

    For best performance, use the proper TV JukeBox mode folder structure:
    Show Name\Season [Number]\MediaFiles
    For example:
    Game of Thrones\Season 1\Game.of.Thrones.S01E01.mp4
    Game of Thrones\Season 1\Game.of.Thrones.S01E02.mp4

  * New Media Icons display in the media library information area at the
    bottom of the screen and in the Movie Jukebox presentation mode.

    Media icons display the Format (AVI/Matroska/etc...), Video Codec
    (H.264/HECV/etc...), Video Resolution (1080p/UHD 4K/etc...),
    Audio Codec (DTS/AAC/etc...), Audio Channels (2.0/5.1/7.1/etc...).

    Media icons are detected during the scraping process, to display the
    icons you must re-scrape the content of your media library.  This
    is done the Media Library Category Editor (Shift+"M") or through
    the media library's function page's 'scraping' menu.

  * New setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings)
    to display Media Icons in the media library information area and in
    movie jukebox presentation mode.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Thumb View) that specifies whether thumbnail display should used
    a dynamically visible scroll bar (suitable for tablets and touch
    devices) or a fixed scroll bar (suitable for PC and Mouse input).

  * The "Navigation Scrollbar Size" setting (Adv. Options / Interface /
    Fullscreen Navigation / Customization) has four new possible values:
    1. Dynamic Smallest
    2. Dynamic Small
    3. Dynamic Large
    4. Dynamic Max

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Customization) to force the navigation list or thumb view display
    to full width.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
    Customization) to override the skin-script's font effect (used in lists)
    that now include a "drop shadow" option (replacing the previous setting
    that only let you force an "outline" effect).

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Thumb View)
    to override the skin-script's font effect (used in thumbnails) that now
    include a "drop shadow" option (replacing the previous setting that only
    let you force an "outline" effect).

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Keyboard) allowing you to
    assign keyboard functionality to the "Insert" key when fullscreen
    navigation is not in use.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Control Bar / Timeline Area)
    to show thumbnail previews even if the playing media does not report
    key-frame.  Note that allowing media with no key frame reporting to
    display thumbnails over the timeline can take much longer.

  * New Setting (Media Library Category Editor / Configure) to
    re-scrape a folder's thumbnail if the folder's "modified"
    time-stamp changes.

  * The advanced playlist control has become more powerful with integrated
    sorting that does not affect the main playlist until items are moved.

  * The playing media information dialog ("I" keyboard shortcut) has been
    restructured and expanded to include the media's file size and date
    as well as full information on the file from MediaInfoLib (MediaInfo DLL).

  * Zoom Player is now listed as a Windows "AutoPlay" option for Music,
    Videos and Pictures.

  * The Mini color control fullscreen navigation interface will now display
    the name (brightness/saturation/etc...) and not only an icon.

  * Scraped poster/backdrop/still images are now downloaded concurrently
    using multiple threads to speed up the online scraping process.

  * The mouse's "back" and "forward" buttons now act as "back" and "enter"
    when used in the fullscreen navigation interfaces.

  * New function and keyboard macro (Alt+Ctrl+"T") to toggle the TAG
    display when playing audio files.

  * New "Copy to Clipboard" button on the playing media information dialog
    that copies the content of the "format" box into the clipboard.

  * New skin-script parameter used to enable a drop-shadow effect on the
    fullscreen navigation list font.

  * New skin-script parameter used to enable a drop-shadow effect on the
    fullscreen navigation thumbnail font.

  + For additional security, password protected media library categories
    no longer show path information on the category list screen.

  + The media library scrape icon and count now reflect the scrape queue and
    processing threads and not only the queue, giving a more accurate picture
    of the background scraping process.

  + The default keyboard mapping for the numbers pad has changed to make
    the same button functions trigger regardless of the num-lock state.

    This means the configured functionality for the arrows and insert
    keys will function even if the num-lock key is enabled.

  + The advanced options dialog's 'Keyboard' page has been restructured
    for enhanced clarity and the addition of more features.

  + Optimized media library disk access by improving meta-data caching.

  + Changed the default text background color in audio playback (when a
    folder image is not used) to a much darker gray.

  + The fullscreen navigation clock text is no longer affected by the text
    effect/outline setting.

  - The virtual keyboard did not accept physical keyboard input if the
    "Use keyboard input to quickly search and enter data through navigation
    interfaces" setting was disabled.

  - It was impossible to use the GoTo fullscreen navigation interface without
    a mouse.  Now a new "Apply" button makes the interface usable again.

  - Media files or folder flagged never to be scraped were scraped
    again under some circumstances.

  - Fixed a bug that caused the media duration to disappear from a media
    library thumbnail.

  - Selecting several files and choosing to flag them for re-scraping would
    not clear the selected file count at the top-right section of the media
    library interface.

  - The fullscreen navigation scroll acceleration (when holding or fast
    clicking the up/down buttons) now resets itself as the list loops,
    preventing a crazy level of acceleration that may make the list
    appear to freeze.

  - The thumbnail view's "drag to scroll" was triggered after 1 pixel of
    movement, making selecting a thumbnail with a single click fail 
    if the mouse cursor moved a bit during the click.

  - Clicking a media or folder in the media library's thumb view mode and
    then trying to click the close or back buttons would not work on the
    first click (requiring a second click).

  - The text labels on the virtual keyboard keys is now more uniform in size.

  - Clicking a media library thumbnail and then trying to click the "back"
    or "close" icons would fail on the first click (and work on the second).

  - In the FREE version, the screen saver would over-tax the CPU (the
    streamers were always used and it was impossible to turn off).

  - The Advanced playlist control, Chapter editor, Scheduler, Scene-Cut,
    Skin selector and Play history dialogs would not save their last
    window size and position if you closed the player without first
    closing the dialog.

  - Clear the search box text of the advanced playlist control using the
    "DEL" key would also remove any selected entries from the playlist.

  - The "Hide all control bar buttons" setting stopped saving in v12.1.

  - Switching directly to the Play History fullscreen navigation interface
    using a keyboard or other macro from another fullscreen navigation
    interface would not update the title area.

  - The internal screen saver would still activate even after calling
    functions when using the TCP/IP command & control API.

  - Folders marked not to be scraped were still being scraped if no online
    database scrapers were specified for the media library category.

  - Setting the left mouse button to open the context menu didn't work.

  - ".CUE" chapter files indexing a single audio file longer than
    99.9 minutes would have failed to load.

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