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Maximizing TV Playback

Our next problem is that once the TV and Monitor resolution are set to a 1:1 ratio, we get massive overscan, and the desktop edge is beign cropped (cut). This prevents us from setting our video player to a full-screen mode as the image edges would not be visible.

To solve this issue, Inmatrix created an advanced Media and DVD Front-End Player called "Zoom Player".

Using Zoom Player, you can align the displayed video image so it will match exactly the visible portion of the desktop. Using this feature, you can practically eliminate overscanning.

An additional benefit of this is that most Display Adaptors use Bilinear or Anisotropic scaling of video, so the resulting scaled video has far less scaling artifacts, and the image quality can even rival professional DVD decoders, especially for Anamorphic DVD titles.

One thing you must remember when setting the video dimensions with Zoom Player, is that when the video image is bright or dark, the visible image will expand or contract, so you must add some minimum overscan to compensate for this brightness range (slightly enlarge the image).

For information on how to position the video using Zoom Player, read this.

Zoom Player is a free (for non commercial use) application which can be downloaded here.