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Configuring your system for Media Playback

DIVX 3.11: - Download & Information.

DIVX 4/5: - Download & Information.

XVID: - Download & Information.

H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC): - Download & Information.

SVCD/VOB/MPEG-2: - Download & Information.
There is an issue with some MPEG-2 files: when you play the file, the duration might appear as 0 seconds, and so you can't seek. You can fix this issue for 95% of the videos by doing the following fix:
Run Zoom Player, open the Options dialog, switch to the "Filter Control / Management" section and click on the "Registered Filter Manager" button. You will be presented with a list of filters currently registered on your system. Find the one called "MPEG-2 Demultiplexer", change it's merit to "00200000". Next find a filter called "MPEG-2 Splitter", change it's merit to "06000000". Now restart Zoom Player and most videos should now show their proper duration (you may actually need to reboot for this to take effect). There's more information on the merit system later in this article.

On very rare occasions instead of seeing the real video duration, you would see something like 4 seconds. This is a really badly encoded MPEG-2 file. The only decoder I know that is able to handle these files is the Elecard decoder, and with this installed, it's rather a headache getting it to work well without effecting other system components.

Lastly, when playing back burnt SVCD discs, you must install the XCD File-Source filter. Without it, trying to open an SVCD file would make the system scan the ENTIRE file (which can take several minutes) before returning with an error saying the file cannot be played. It is important to remember when installing the XCD filter that you must use its installer, manually registering the filter will not work properly, as the installer enters a few important registry entries.

Download : Doom9.org ("Riff CD/XA filter for / XCD" under full software page).
Download : Alternatively you can use the Gabest CDXA filter.