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Zoom Commander's playback controls can play, pause, seek, edit playlist and volume level on a remote display device or multiple, linked display devices. Making Zoom Commander the ideal tool for remote media presentations.

 Remote Control
Zoom Commander controls remote Zoom Presenter instances of over a TCP/IP connection such as the Internet or a local WiFi/Ethernet network. Separating the control PC from the media playback PC offers many functional and aesthetic benefits, such as using a tablet as the control device and discretely hiding away the presentation hardware.

 Supported Media Formats
Zoom Commander uses the Zoom Presenter video display engine and supports practically every media format.

 Playback Controls
  1. Seeking
    Specify the Hour, Minute & Second fields and click the button to seek.

  2. Stop / Resume
    Stop and seek to the media's start, or Resume the media to its previous pre-Stop position.

  3. Skip Backwards
    Skip media backwards 5 seconds.

  4. Previous Chapter / Track
    Previous media chapter or track (if no chapters exist).

  5. Play / Pause
    Play if paused, pause if playing.

  6. Next Chapter / Track
    Next media chapter or track (if no chapters exist).

  7. Skip Forward
    Skip media forward 5 seconds.