Announcing Zoom Player v19 beta 6

Zoom Player Beta

What's new in this beta:
  * Added support for the new H.266 VVC (Versatile Video Codec) format.
    LAV Filters v0.79 is required for decoding.
    Please note that VCC support is experimental and not fully optimized.
    To properly support VCC in resolutions above 1080p would require
    hardware accelerated decoding which is not currently supported by
    any GPU or CPU.

  * Added Equalizer and Pre-Amp support for the libVLC media engine, please
    note that the values work a bit differently when compared to the
    DirectShow Equalizer values.

  * Preferred Audio Device switching (Shift+"A") now works with libVLC.
    You can define you preferred devices in the advanced options dialog's
    libVLC section.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) that allows you to play
    the next media file in the same folder when using the Del key to erase the
    currently playing media (or using the home theater delete option).
    You can see me code this feature here:

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / On Screen Display / Actions) that
    allows to force the OSD Actions (Play, Pause, Volume, etc) to appear on
    a monitor of your choice.
    You can see me code this feature here:

  * To support IPTV providers that require a specific user agent text to
    access automated downloads, you can now set a custom User Agent for each
    IPTV auto update entry (for both playlists and EPGs downloads).

  * New "Configure" button next to the Video Renderer selection drop-down
    list (Adv. Options / Playback / Video).

  * New "exMediaVidRender" extended function that allows you to switch the
    media video renderer at any point. As an extended function, this
    functionality can be accessed through the command line or TCP/IP APIs.
    You can see me code this feature here:

  * Selecting a URL based IPTV playlist or EPG entry in the options dialog,
    now displays the full text in a hover-hint.

  + Using Zoom Player to browse the web (for example, using the "/browse"
    command line parameter) now uses Microsoft's Chromium based WebView2
    browser engine and only falls back to the old Chakra engine is WebView2
    is not installed (available on the install center, comes preinstalled
    in Windows 11).
    You can see me code this feature here:

  - The Play History editor and fullscreen navigation interface can now re-play
    files with a path longer than 255 characters.

  - The playlist entries in the IPTV stream list drop-down would get duplicated
    after updated playlists were downloaded in the background.

  - Pressing Alt+S to bring up the subtitle component's configuration dialog
    did not show the correct window title in some cases.

  - Pressing Shift+"B" to disable the subtitles caused the subtitles to remain
    enabled when reloading the media, even if the setting to restore the
    previous subtitle track was enabled in the advanced options dialog.
    You can see me fix this code here:

  - Fixed a really weird stability issue with the IPTV window that could have
    caused a freeze when trying to close the window and stream logos to never

  - Detaching the control bar, moving it to another monitor and then hovering
    with the mouse pointer over the timeline area would show the current
    position indicator window on the wrong monitor.

  - With the "Show all filters in Stream Selection sub-menu" setting enabled,
    the right-click's "Stream Selection" section would show a small cosmetic
    glitch (an empty section).

  - Setting the YouTube Channel media library plugin's "channel list strategy"
    to "Use 'upload' playlist" did not list the videos returned by YouTube in
    the correct air date order and the air date was not displayed at all.


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