Announcing Zoom Player v19 beta 3

Zoom Player Beta

What's new in this beta:
  * You can now use libVLC to cast the playing video to supported ChromeCast
    devices. All you need to do is open "Adv. Options / Playback / libVLC" and
    scan for the ChromeCast device. Any content played through the libVLC engine
    will now display on the selected device. Please consider that it can take a
    few seconds longer to open media files for casting.

  * MPC-VR can now be selected as a Video Renderer for media playback. It is
    not fully supported (subtitles, pixel-shaders and other unique features
    for the video renderer will not work presently.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Control) that allows you to rollback
    the current play position when resuming playback from the Pause state. This
    feature is useful if you have an external receiver that requires a few
    seconds to restore the audio when playback resumes.

  + If you previously used as Custom Video Renderer for media playback, you must
    re-select the custom option (Adv. Options / Playback / Video).

  + Using the Next/Previous Track features now ensures the newly loaded track
    is visible in the playlist editor.

  + Cleaned up some dialogs that had elements that were too close together,
    especially under Windows 11.

  - Scraping TheMusicDB should work once again.

  - When Zoom Player's DSP filter is unable to connect to the audio renderer,
    the DSP filter is now removed so Smart Play will not fail (fallback to
    Microsoft's method of choosing components can be unstable), increasing
    overall stability for badly authored media files.

  - Fixed a bug that caused the media library background image to be overlaid
    twice with a slight offset, slowing down opening a folder in the media
    library a little bit and causing visual ghosting effects (was really hard
    to see with the default background image).


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