Announcing Zoom Player v19 beta 2

Zoom Player Beta

What's new in this beta:
  * Running Zoom Player on a fresh install will now asks if you would
    like to enable "Performance Mode".
    Choosing "Yes" does two things:

    1. Enables D3D11 hardware accelerated video decoding in LAV Filters,
       a requirement for smooth 4K video playback.

    2. Sets the Video Renderer to MadVR, enabling HDR video support,
       high quality video scaling, hardware accelerated subtitle
       rendering and smoother motion.

    Both settings can be modified in the advanced options dialog:
    Adv. Options / Playback / Video

  * A new "Help" section has been added to the right-click menu. The new
    help section can quickly bring up the keyboard shortcut list or quick
    usage guides for many of Zoom Player's popular interfaces.

  * New keyboard macros to toggle libVLC playback:
    Alt+"6" - Toggle libVLC IPTV playback (enabled/disabled)
    Alt+"7" - Toggle libVLC BluRay playback (enabled/disabled)
    Alt+"8" - Toggle libVLC Media file playback (enabled/disabled)
    Alt+"9" - Toggle libVLC Streaming playback (enabled/disabled)

    These toggles still require that you re-open the playing media
    to take affect.

  * The right-click menu has been extended with a new "Help" section.
    The help section provides quick access to the keyboard shortcut list
    and quick usage guides for most of Zoom Player's interfaces.

  * The Play History dialog (Alt+"H") has gotten a face-lift, an option
    whether to clear the playlist when playing from history, a button
    that automatically sets the column sizes based on the current window
    size and you can drag the play history window with the mouse by
    clicking in any empty space.

  * New "/infojson" command line parameter that can be used to query
    a running instance of Zoom Player for information. The results
    are returned in the windows clipboard as a UTF8 encoded JSON string.
    This feature can be used in combination with Window's Powershell to
    monitor and control Zoom Player entirely through the command line,
    without requiring a TCP/IP connection to access the more advanced API.

    Special characters are encoding using standard JSON character encoding.

    If no additional parameters are specified, all fields are returned.
    To get specific results, you can use a combination of one or more of
    the following:
    PlayState - A number representing the current play state where
                0 : Closed
                1 : Stopped
                2 : Paused
                3 : Playing

    MediaName - UTF8 string containing the playing file name or URL.

    Title     - UTF8 string containing the playing media's title.

    Position  - The playing position in seconds.

    Duration  - The playing duration in seconds.

    PlayIndex - The current playlist play index.

    Playlist  - UTF8 string containing the current playlist, each media
                entry is specified as a part of a JSON array.

    AudTrack  - The current audio track number.

    SubTrack  - The current subtitle track number.

    Example to get the playing media name, title, duration and position:
    zplayer.exe /infojson:MediaName,Title,Duration,Position

  + The keyboard shortcuts list (F1 keyboard shortcut) is now a single
    dialog which opens much faster and is no longer a part of the options
    dialog which takes longer to open.

  + The "Toggle Control Bar" right-click menu option has been re-located
    to the menu's root level.

  + If the playing media has only one audio track, it will no longer
    be listed in the Stream Selection section of the right-click menu.

  + If MadVR is selected as the Video Renderer without being installed,
    Zoom Player now notifies you and falls back to the EVR renderer.

  - A bug caused some information dialogs to show the information in
    the window's title and the actual title in the windows body.

  - Fixed several libVLC related bugs, if you're still seeing issues,
    please let me know on Zoom Player's Community:


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