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DVD Genie's default language is English, and it does not require the English language file to function.

DVD Genie supports multiple languages.

To install a language file, simply download it, and extract the files into the DVD Genie directory.

DVD Genie will automatically detect and find the new language file. If no language files are found, DVD Genie will revert back to it's original english language.

DVD Genie also supports language files created for older versions. All previously translated items will appear correctly, and untranslated items will remain in english.

You may use the english file as a source for translation to other languages.
If you wish to submit a translated language file, mail it to me.

Download the language file from:

English (v4.05)
Brazilian/Portuguese (v3.81)
Traditional Chinese (v4.05)
Traditional Chinese (v4.05)
Croation (v4.00)
Czech (v4.05)
Danish (v4.00)
Dutch (v4.05)
Finnish (v3.43)
French (v4.05)
German (v4.05)
Hungarian (v4.05)
Italian (v4.05)
Korean (v3.86)
Norwegian (v4.05)
Polish (v3.75)
Slovakian (v3.86)
Spanish (v4.02)
Swedish (v3.81)
Turkish (v4.05)

Brazilian/Portuguese translation by Heyder Lino Ferreira.
Traditional Chinese translation by Clement H. S. Jou.
Simplified Chinese translation by Binbey.
Croation translation by Nikola Spicar.
Czech translation by Stepan Danek.
Danish translation by Klaus Jensen and Carsten T. Madsen.
Dutch translation by Victor Peters.
German translation by Alexander Kaiser and ^mAdMaX^.
Finnish translation by Antti Leimi.
French translation by Pascal Jouy.
Hungarian translation by Fellner Ferenc.
Italian translation by DKDIB.
Korean translation by Juny.
Norwegian translation by Espen Rovik Larsen.
Polish translation by MLS.
Slovakian translation by Ondrej Zary.
Spanish translation by Javier Juan and Jon Zubiarrain.
Swedish translation by Jari Havela.
Turkish Translation by Hakan Arin.