Announcing Zoom Player v19 release candidate 3

Zoom Player Beta

Published June 5th, 2024

What's new in this beta:

  * Added MPC Audio Decoder Smart Play profiles for many supported
    audio Codecs.

  * The media library YouTube plugins can now detect Live and Upcoming
    videos and display this information on the thumbnail.

  * The media library YouTube plugins now filter out private videos.

  * In order to clear up some screen real estate, I added a new setting
    (Adv. Options / Playback / IPTV) that hides the EPG program end time.
    This setting is enabled by default, but can be disabled to restore the
    previous program listing style.

  + Double clicking on a media library category in the media library
    category editor no longer tries to configure the category, instead
    Zoom Player now opens the media library within the clicked category,
    allowing the category editor dialog to be used as a navigation hack
    to quickly switch between categories.

  + Trying to open the media library category editor when the dialog was
    already open but obscured now brings the editor window to the top.

  + Made a small user experience update to the IPTV advanced options
    dialog page.

    You can see me reworking the UI in this video:

  + Playing a media from the play history without clearing the playlist
    now shifts the playlist track listing to make sure the newly played
    item is visible.

  + You can now configure the media library's YouTube plugins to select
    the number of entries to download at one time, either 25 or 50.
    25 being the default value to preserve YouTube's API quota limitations.

  - Fixed a freeze when trying to close the IPTV window while logos were
    still being downloaded.

  - The playlist's "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" functions did not
    function well, clearing the currently playing media index and
    introducing cosmetic glitches.

  - Fixed MPC-VR rotation (Shift+"R") and debug info (Ctrl+"J") so it
    now works with videos that do not contain subtitles.
    You can see me live fixing the issue in this video:

  - Wrote a work-around for a bug in the MPC Audio Renderer and
    MPC Audio Decoder filters where their property pages appeared
    in windows that did not show all the available controls.

    You can see me live fixing the issue in this video:

  - Under very rare conditions, the media library's highlight on the
    active entry would not show for the right-most column.
  - Loading an ".M3U" playlist would not always get the track's
    title correctly.

  - Rotating the video using MPC-VR resulted in a distorted aspect
    ratio when Zoom Player was set to the Derived (Automatic) aspect

  - Adding the multi-playlist feature actually broke the previously
    active track from being restored with regular playlists.

  - Using the media library category editor to add a broken link as a
    YouTube playlist based category would create an "unknown" category
    that didn't work. Now an error is returned in such cases.

  - Fixed a bug that prevented the newly played playlist from entering
    into view in the playlist editor window under some circumstances.

  - Fixed a rare case that could have caused the skinned right-click
    context menu to appear twice on screen with one of the menus
    remaining stuck on screen.

  - Enabling the stop button to close the playing media (local file or
    stream) would not update the taskbar button hover controls.

  - Even when fullscreen navigation safe mode was enabled, the Trash
    icon was still visible in the playlist and file browser interfaces.

  - Zoom Player behaved badly when trying to use libVLC to play
    streams that are no longer available.

  - Configuring the various media library YouTube plugins could cause
    old setting to appear when trying to configure two different YouTube
    plugins (e.g. "Channel" and "Trending") within the same session.


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