Announcing Zoom Player v19 beta 4

Zoom Player Beta

What's new in this beta:
  * The playlist editor has received support for multiple playlists
    that you can instantly switch between. Multiple playlists are
    loaded in a background thread so even if you use massive
    playlists with 1000's of items, it should not have much of an
    impact Zoom Player's load and close time performance.
    Press the new multi-playlist button on the playlist editor (top
    left corner) to add the current playlist, a playlist from a file
    or manage the multiple playlists (remove, rename, reorder).
    You can see me develop this feature live here:
    Part 1 :
    Part 2 :

  * New "Cast to Device" feature on the main right-click menu and
    available as a keyboard shortcut (Shift+"/") that allows you to
    Cast the currently playing media to a Chromecast compatible
    device. This feature does requires libVLC is installed but does
    not require you to play the current media with libVLC (the
    playback engines automatically switch as the media is casted).

    You can see me develop this feature live here:

  * New "1510" Zoom Player API message that is triggered when using
    next/previous chapter. Returns the chapter's position in seconds.

  - Fixed a bug that caused the background image to show for a split-
    second when dragging & dropping a media file on top of the player


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