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XingDVD Introduction:
Ever since Xing were bought out by RealMedia, support for the XingDVD Player has been all but forgotten. To top that off, Xing was involved in a messy coding screw-up which exposed their CSS decoding code (code used to decrypt the DVD stream). Since that fiasco, the Xing DVD product was pulled off the Xing pages entirely. Don't expect new versions of the Xing DVD player anytime soon (if at all).

Selecting Regions:
The Xing DVD player checks two region codes. First of which is it's own, the second is the Windows 98 region code. In the case of Windows 95, it only checks it's own code. For information on the Windows 98 region code, see the windows link above. To select the Xing internal region code, select the region from the list and press the Apply button.

Region Changing will not work on RPC2 Drives (DVD Drives that are locked in hardware to a specific region). For more information on this issue see the Firmware Information Page.

Reset Changes:
DVD Genie can leave the current region counter alone when changing the Xing region code. When the Reset Changes check box is enabled, the change counter is reset to zero (5 region changes remaining).

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