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Updated for version 4.05

DVD Genie is a DVD Tweaking and Enhancement tool. It allows you to enable many undocumented or hard to find options through a simple and easy to use user interface.

DVD Genie only supports region free DVD drive. If your DVD drive is region protected (RPC-2), you should try DVD Region-Free to watch all region DVDs. Please note: all DVD drives as of 1 Jan 2000 is RPC-2 which means you can only switch the DVD drive's region for 5 times.

Most of the popular Software DVD Players are supported by DVD Genie along with certain additional features such as the Widescreen Zooming and certain Windows specific functions.

As you well know, DVD Genie is freeware, I have worked hundreds of hours on it, all for the general benefit of the DVD community as a whole. I have answered 1000's of eMails, Introduced many user-requested features, and so forth.

Beside working on the site and writing various DVD/Graphic related programs and articles, I also have a day job. The only way I can continue work on this site, is if the users visiting this site contribute to it's growth. To that end, I ask that if you buy movies on-line, please use one of the following eTailers:


Or if you desire to donate a small fee to the ongoing work, please visit the donation page.

By using these links to make your on-line shopping, you will be helping DVD Genie and this site grow.

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