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RPC Introduction:
Ever since the start of 2000, DVD drive manufacturers have been forced by the DVD Consortium to have a region-locking mechanism implemented into the hardware of the drive itself.

While placing the protection in hardware sure made changing the region harder, it didn't make it impossible as the drives can be reprogrammed using a firmware patch specific to the drive model.

On this tab you can check the current status of your drive. By pressing the "RPC Check" button, DVD Genie will query your system for all CD and DVD devices and will display their details in a table. If a drive is region locked in hardware, it will be reported as RPC2. If a drive is region free, it will be reported as RPC1.

Locked drives will also display additional information, such as the region they are currently set to, and the number of region changes remaining till they are locked.

For more information on region locked drives, read the Firmware Information Page.

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