Important, please read:
(especially if DVD Genie doesn't seem to be working)
Before mailing a question regarding DVD Genie, make sure you have read all the information available to you. Most questions have a tendency to repeat themselves, and as such, I have created a Frequently Asked Questions page. This page will probably answer all your questions, especially if it seems that DVD Genie is not working for some reason you may not understand.

If you eMail a question that is already answered within the FAQ it may be possible that your question will be ignored as I receive an extraordinary amount of correspondence regarding DVD Genie and DVD questions in general and can't really answer questions which have been clearly answered on the FAQ.

The Help Pages:
The Frequently Asked Questions page.
The DVD Technical Terms page.
The Tricks and Tips page.

If none of the pages above answer your question, leave a message describing your problem on the forum.