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WinDVD Introduction:
WinDVD seems to change it's region code setting on almost every version. This lead to all sort of adjustments that need to done for each version.

Selecting Regions:
To set the WinDVD region, first select the appropriate version in the version radio-box panel. Try the closest version to the version you have installed. If this doesn't work, try selecting a different version. If this still doesn't work, as a final option try pressing the "Reset Region" button, it should work with every version and resets the change counter back to 5 changes remaining.

Region Changing will not work on RPC2 Drives (DVD Drives that are locked in hardware to a specific region). For more information on this issue see the Firmware Information Page.

Apply only region setting:
When enabled, only the region code is set when the Apply button is pressed. All other settings are ignored.

Force Internal Region Code:
This is a very important feature. In certain versions of WinDVD, the installation by default tells WinDVD to check for the windows region code, instead of the WinDVD region code. This is not good as it disables the "Reset Region" feature.

By enabling this checkbox, you can force WinDVD to check it's own region code and thus enable the use of "Reset Region".

Reset Region button resets additional key:
Certain versions of WinDVD may require this setting to be enabled for the region reset button to work properly. However, the upgraded demo versions may revert to demo mode if this setting is enabled and the region is reset.

Display Quality Disabled:
This setting comes enabled on certain versions of WinDVD. When enabled, it prevents you from accessing the display quality settings within WinDVD. To access these settings, disable this feature.

Use LFE decoding:
This feature enables the decoding of the Low Frequency Effect channel, highly recommended if you have a sub-woofer connected.

DirectShow Navigation:
When enabled, support for Microsoft's DirectShow Navigation will be enabled. This is required for DVD-ROM games and programs that need to display DVD data internally (without running a DVD player).

Please note, that enabling this feature may disable support for Dolby Digital output through the SP/DIF port on certain sound cards!

This setting is required for hard disk playback of DVD Content. Also make sure that the filters are registered.

On-Screen Display:
When activated, WinDVD will display a text message for each user interface command given (play/stop, etc...).

WinDVD Version:
Use this to select the WinDVD version prior to applying a new region. The value appearing in parenthesis is the currently detected WinDVD version.

WinDVD Version (Button):
By pressing this button, you will be giving a dialog box with all sort of WinDVD version information.

Reset Skin (Button):
In some cases, setting an incompatible WinDVD skin will make the program inoperable. Using this button you can reset WinDVD's skin so that the next time you load the program, you should be able to switch skins again.

More Options (Button):
Access more WinDVD settings by pressing this button (see More Options link above).

Reset Region (Button):
This button is to be used as a last resort if you can't get the region code to work. It will reset the change counter back to 5. Please note however, that when first loading WinDVD after resetting the region, it will appear as if it's locked at region #1 and there are no changes left. However, when a new disc is inserted, the change counter should pop back up to 5 changes remaining (if all goes well) and set itself to the disc's region.

Run (Button):
This button will Run WinDVD.

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