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Main Settings Extra Settings

Hardware Acceleration:
Indicates weather Hardware Acceleration is enabled. You can use this setting to force Hardware Acceleration in PowerDVD, but it may cause it to become unstable.

Enable LFE:
This feature enables the decoding of the Low Frequency Effect channel, highly recommended if you have a sub-woofer connected.

Not all versions of PowerDVD support this feature.

Enable DTS:
This feature enables the decoding of DTS movie titles. DTS is an audio format similar to Dolby Digital. By enabling this feature with versions of PowerDVD that support DTS decoding, you will be able to listen to DTS audio tracks on DVDs that contain them.

Volume Controls:
These settings allow you to set individual volume settings for each of the 6 decoding channels PowerDVD provides.

You can try putting any number into the fields and see the best result for your personal preference. If you wish to disable this, you can clear all the fields and the entries will be wiped, which should allow PowerDVD to recreate a default setting.

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