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Why should you buy Zoom Player WMV Professional?

Beyond offering all the features and functionality provided by Zoom Player Professional, Zoom Player WMV Professional enables you to play Windows Media Video Digital Rights Management files (DRM, or copy protected WMV files) from DVDs, CDs, and from media files stored on your computer.


  1. If you are using an operating system older than Windows XP Service Pack 2, install this Microsoft Patch.
  2. Verify that you have DirectX v9 (or newer) installed on your PC. You can download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft.
  3. You need a display card and drivers that support VMR9 Video Rendering. ATI and NVIDIA provide VMR9 compatible drivers. Always check to use the latest driver.
  4. Configure Zoom Player Windows Media settings from "Advanced Options / Settings / Windows Media tab".
  5. To play a disc or file you must obtain a playing license and authenticate your media.

- WM-protected DVD discs are normally automatically approved by just inserting them in the player.
- WMV DRM media files require that you first load them with the latest version of Windows Media Player.

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