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Dec 27, 2010 New Video Tutorials!

Three new video tutorials have been uploaded to the Zoom Player YouTube Channel:
Introduction to DVD Mode
Creating Chapters & Bookmarks
Virtual Video Editing

Dec 13, 2010 New Video Tutorials!

Three new video tutorials have been uploaded to the Zoom Player YouTube Channel:
Using the Media Center navigation interfaces
Digitally output Dolby Digital & DTS audio over S/DPIF
Video Post Processing with FFDShow

Dec 1, 2010 New Video Tutorials!

Five new video tutorials have been uploaded to the Zoom Player YouTube Channel:
Selecting the active Audio Device
Changing the user interface Language
Associating media files with Zoom Player
Auto loading Multi-Part media files
Changing the Background Image

Dec 1, 2010 Zoom Player is 10 Ė Join the Party!

Zoom Player Marks its 10th Anniversary of Quality Media Playback for the whole family.
We would like to share our success with you by giving you a 25% discount for the entire month of December. Any purchase made now will ensure your free upgrade to the next version of Zoom Player, coming soon . . .

Important! Donít forget to enter the "10yrs4ZP12-10" coupon in the purchase page's promo code box!

Nov 24, 2010 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Big Shopping Days, Small Prices!

Your Shopping is not complete without Zoom Player. Get all Hot Inmatrix products at 25% off the regular price during our Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale Nov. 26th - 29th.

Important! Donít forget to enter BFCM2010 in the purchase page's promo code box!

Aug 3, 2010 New Languages

Zoom Player is now available in Swedish and Hebrew on the Language Download page.

Jun 7, 2010 New Video Tutorials

We've just posted 4 new video tutorials to the Zoom Player YouTube channel, covering:
1. Learn how to easily create RingTones from Media Files
2. Learn how to setup the Mouse Buttons
3. Learn how to setup Smart Play
4. Using the Install Center to download missing components

Jun 6, 2010 World Cup Fever

Are you getting excited to watch the upcoming Mondial World Cup? So are we . . .
So much so, that we want to share the excitement with you by giving you a special 25% discount on all our products for the event's duration (from today through July 11th).

To take advantage of this special sale, enter the "ZOOM-4-GOALS" (all caps) coupon code on the purchase page.

To continue, visit our online shop.

Jun 3, 2010 New Video Tutorials

We've posted 4 new tutorial vidoes covering:
  1. Multi-Monitor configuration for playing video on one monitor while leaving the secondary monitor clear for work (a 2 part tutorial).
  2. Learning how to use the right-click context menu. A video explaining what every function does with a few tips & tricks thrown in.
  3. Learn about the Zoom Player skin modes, from enhanced modes with additional functionality to minimalistic modes with more screen real estate.
Visit our YouTube channel to view.

Jun 1, 2010 New Video Tutorials

Seven more videos have been added to the Zoom Player YouYube channel:
1. Using the Control Bar
2. Using the Equalizer
3. Using the Playlist Editor
4. Using the Advanced Playlist Control
5. Displaying Subtitles
6. Introduction to Media Mode
7. Introduction to Audio Mode

May 30, 2010 New Video Tutorial & Facebook Feedback

We've just posted a tutorial video showing how to Configure Zoom Player's Media Library.

We are planning more videos and would appreciate feedback on our Facebook page.

Feb 12, 2010 Happy Valentine's Day!

Buy any Inmatrix product during the Valentine's Weekend and save 20% off the listed price by entering the "4myVal" coupon. Discounts apply to all Inmatrix products, including Zoom Player Home Max, Premium and Professional, Desktop Wallshaper, Whitewash Wizard and the Zoom Player Family Packs.

The valentine's wekeend sale is valid through February 13-15, 2010.

Feb 4, 2010 Now in Spanish! & Call to Translators

Zoom Player v7 language files are now available in Spanish, Click here to download.

We would like to thank all the translators involved in localizing Zoom Player. If you would like to help translating Zoom Player to your own language, please visit the translation forum for more information.

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