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August 31st, 2003.

Gabest has updated quite a few of his Source/Splitter filters over at his Guliverkli Page. I highly recommnd people upgrade, especially the AVI Splitter filter as it resolves some issues with the recent Zoom Player v3.20b2 and Incomplete Locked AVI files.

August 24th, 2003.

Updated the Media Setup article with information on playing DTS in AVI and Monkey Audio (APE). Also included a new Zoom Player FAQ entry explaining how to automatically load Daemon Tools images from within Zoom Player.

August 21st, 2003.

Ok, so I'm releasing Beta 2 a bit earlier, I'm sure no one would hold that against me ;)
There are tons of fixes, changes and other goodies to experiment with. For the entire list, click here.

I've also taken the time to update the Media Setup article to reflect changes in this beta and general advancement in formats since the last update (Matrsoka, Vorbis, Etc...). It makes for an interesting read, so make sure you check that too.

August 20th, 2003.

Quite a time has passed since the last update. No, I've not been sitting on my ass (too much), the next Zoom Player beta (v3.20 beta 2) is coming along nicely. Quite a lot of fixes, features and overall improvements. I'm hoping to release the new beta either this week or by the next.

In other news, there's a new version of the AC3 Filter which includes improvements in audio quality along with optimizations. There is also a new version of TV Tool released, which is a must for any NVIDIA users using the card to watch video content on a TV.

August 3rd, 2003.

It's finally here, Zoom Player 3.20 beta 1 is ready for experimentation!

Lots of interesting changes, fixes and new additions in this version, including initial support for an Internal 10-Band EQ and PreAmp.

For the complete change list click here, and to skip directly to the download, click here.

July 28th, 2003.

Just dropping a note letting you I'm still chugging along. The v3.20 beta 1 change list is already over 6k long (155 lines) and growing daily. Lots of small tweaks, fixes and a few exciting features, so stay tuned.

July 21st, 2003.

There's a new version of ReClock out. Quite a few interesting new features, well worth checking out.

v3.20 of Zoom Player is evolving, I will probably release a first beta in the next couple of weeks.

July 10th, 2003.

There's a new version of AC3Filter out. AC3Filter is an open-source AC3 Decoding filter with some additional processing and correction capabilities.

July 9th, 2003.

Two tidbits,
The first is that ReClock v1.00 is finally out. ReClock is a DirectShow filter that gives you smooother video playback by synchronizing it with your display card clock (and other neat features).

The second item is that Gabest has released a DirectShow Real Media Splitter filter allowing you to play Real Media content under any DirectShow based player (Of which Zoom Player is one). I've already updated the Media Playback Guide to reflect this new information.

July 1st, 2003.

Ok, it seems that I have missed a few files in v3.10 and also introduced a bug in the on CD-Insert code. I'm quickly issueing a fix. So... download v3.10.1 from the same link.

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