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June 30th 2002.

And here we go again,
Zoom Player v2.70 release candidate 1 is ready for deployment. Lots of new features, mostly requested by you (the user) and quite a few small fixes. So ... check it out!

June 27th 2002.

After what seems like forever, you can FINALLY pre-order Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy. These DVDs were initially to have been one of the first DVDs to be released by Univeral. But due to issues with licensing and content conflicts, these discs are only being released now (well, on December 17th to be exact).

Also on the release schedule is the excellent TV series 24. It's being released both on Region 1 and on Region 2.

Other interesting TV releases coming soon are:
The Sopranos - The Complete Third Season
West Wing, The - Complete Series 1
The Simpsons - The Complete Second Season
Stargate SG-1 Season 2 Boxed Set
Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Second Season Gift Set
Red Dwarf: Series 1
Mr. Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons
M*A*S*H - Season Two (Collector's Edition)
Brideshead Revisited
I Love Lucy - Season One

June 25th 2002.

It looks like the Zoom Player crashing issue with Terratec and Game Theater cards may be related to a buggy MP3 acceleration filter. I've updated the FAQ with a Fix.

June 23rd 2002.

And to celebrate the new site design, I'm releasing Zoom Player 2.70 beta 2.

Quite a few fixes and even more new features, so make sure you check it out.

June 22nd 2002.

As you can see, the new site design is up. The HTML code is far more complex compared to the previous design and as such I only checked that it works against Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.0 final.

It may take me a few weeks (months?) to convert the site to this new design. As It's a lot of dirty work and I have lots of other work that keeps piling up.

June 20th 2002.

A bit busy these days. I have decided to redesign parts of the site and that takes quite a bit of my time.

I'm also moving forward with the code that runs the site, which means that in about a week or so (or whenever I'm ready to put the new design on-line), the site will become somewhat unfriendly to old browsers. This means that you'll need either Internet Explorer or Mozilla to view the site properly (haven't checked against opera, hopefully it'll be ok).

June 13th 2002.

As promised, Zoom Player v2.70 beta 1 has been released. This version contains a lot of improvements to the OGM support, the Skinning code and of course a slew of requested features went in.

Still reading? Go check it out.

June 11th 2002.

Closing in on the first Zoom Player 2.70 beta coming up on June 13th. Lots of new features coming up in this beta, including extensive support for OGM automation and improved skinning capabilities. For the complete upcoming feature list, click here.

In DVD news, it looks like the excellant TV series "24" is being released on DVD in the U.K. on August 19th. For more information on this upcoming release, click here. The interesting thing is, the series release on DVD will be scantly days after it finializes it's TV airing in the U.K.

Unlike the U.S. where TV episodes are usually stuck in re-runs for years before being released on DVD, elsewhere in the world, series are being released at an accelerated pace. For example, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is already in it's forth season while Angel is in it's second season.

June 7th 2002.

Work is progressing on the next version of Zoom Player, to keep up with the action, see this.

May 29th 2002.

Announcing DVD Genie v4.10.

This contains a few fixes, changes and most importantly a fix to support WinDVD 4.

Make sure you read the What's new file.

To download DVD Genie, click here.

May 28th 2002.

Announcing Zoom Player v2.60.

After nearly 2 months of development, Zoom Player v2.60 is finally shipping out. There are so many new features, interfaces and fixes, it's quite scary.

And this is just the beginning, I already have quite a few interesting features in mind, and finally Zoom Player has found a few sites to host it's skins ( and Expect many great things to come.

Make sure you read the What's new file.

To download Zoom Player, click here.

May 23rd 2002.

After quite more hard work, Zoom Player v2.60 release candidate 2 can be downloaded here.

May 15th 2002.

After quite a bit of work, Zoom Player v2.60 release candidate 1 can be downloaded here.

May 9th 2002.

Another Zoom Player beta ready for action, check out Zoom Player v2.60 beta 3 here.

This will be the final beta, next week I'll release the first Release Candidate with hopefully a final to be released in two weeks.

May 4th 2002.

Ok, there was a bug in the File Navigator code which sort of broke it under Win9x. So, here's the fix: Zoom Player v2.60 beta 2.1

May 3rd 2002.

Ok, I did a bit more work today and decided that the beta is actually ready and there's no point waiting for the weekend. So, without further adieu, here's Zoom Player v2.60 beta 2

May 2nd 2002.

The next Zoom Player beta is chugging along nicely. Quite a few interesting things going in, expect a release sometime Saturday-Sunday.

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