--- What's new in v4.10:

* I've run some simple tests and from what I can see, the Windows-XP
  region system is identical to the system used in Windows 2000.

* Fix for the CoolDVD region code to work with CoolDVD v2.40

* New buttons to Register/Unregister the PowerDVD DirectShow filters.

* Slight change to the mechanics of the WinDVD reset region function.

* Two Additional Audio Range values for WinDVD, try them out.

* New button on the PowerDVD tab to get the version of the
  PowerDVD DirectShow filters.

* Compatibility fixes to make WinDVD 4.xx settings work.

--- What's new in v4.05:

* Thanks to Chris Day for supplying me with PowerDVD information,
  here are some of the latest PowerDVD tweaks:

* New PowerDVD extra settings dialog which is accessible
  through the PowerDVD tab.

* Recent versions of PowerDVD are starting to implement support
  for decoding of the LFE audio channel and for decoding of
  DTS titles.  You can enable both features on the PowerDVD
  extra settings tab.  Please note that older versions of
  PowerDVD may not support this feature.

* Also new to recent versions of PowerDVD is individual support
  for audio volume on a per-channel setting.  You can now play
  around with this feature by manually setting the volume for
  each channel on the PowerDVD extra setting dialog.  Optionally,
  you can clear the value of these settings and thus, you will be
  removing the relevant registry keys and returning PowerDVD to
  it's default handling.  Once again, this may only work with
  newer versions of PowerDVD.

* When unchecked The Media Player 6.4 DVD navigation button
  should now disappear properly.

* Updated the WinDVD tab somewhat.

* You can now enable the previous method of WinDVD's region-reset
  by enabling the "Reset Region button resets additional key"

  This may be required by certain versions of WinDVD, but should
  not be used on an upgraded trial version, or it may revert it
  back to it's trial state.

* If it wasn't obvious enough, you shouldn't alter the DVD Genie
  executable and claim it as your own program.  I modified the
  license to reflect that.

--- What's new in v4.02b:

* PowerDVD should actually run when pressing the Run button now,
  hopefully this second fix will work on all systems.

--- What's new in v4.02a:

* Fixed a bug in the WinDVD reset skin function.

* The WinDVD reset region now works a bit differently and should
  not clash with updated trial versions of WinDVD.  The thing is,
  while the reset will set the counter back to 5 changes remaining,
  the last region setting will remain instead of being cleared.

--- What's new in v4.02:

* The WinDVD 3.0 upgrade and trial versions should now work properly.

* New button on the WinDVD tab to reset the WinDVD skin (in case you
  tried installing an incompatible skin and got WinDVD freaked out).

* Experimental support to add 6-Speaker decoding to the Hollywood-Plus.
  It may work with sound cards that have 6 Analog outputs, but not
  having such a card means I can't really test it.

* Made a fix to the PowerDVD run feature. It should now work with
  PowerDVD v3.0 even on systems where an older version of PowerDVD
  was previously installed.

--- What's new in v4.01: * Certain versions of WinDVD (2.6x and 3.0) were set to use the Windows region code instead of the internal WinDVD code. I've added a new setting to restore WinDVD to using it's internal region code (which is preferable). You can access this by enabling the "Force Internal Region Code" checkbox. * The WinDVD Filter Register/Unregister buttons now support the WinDVD navigation filter (ivinav.ax). * New WinDVD audio option to enable headphones. Might require WinDVD 2.4+ * The CineMaster Apply button was not being enabled when adjusting some of the settings. --- What's new in v4.00: * Support for detection of region-locked drives on the new RPC tab. * Quite a bit of restructuring to the interface, including moving a lot of the rarely features into a sub-tab. * Added a new option to the ATI Player setting that will lock anamorphic titles to 16x9 aspect ratio. Thanks to Karnis for the heads-up. * Made several more fixes to the ATI detect code, the Drive setting should now work! (hopefully). * Added an option to disable the ATI Player from hiding it's video adjustments. * Added an option to automatically reset the WinDVD region code on the Auto-Region tab. * Support for some of WinDVD's Power Management features. You can now set at which power percentage you wish WinDVD to stop playback (kind of hard to test this as I don't have a notebook PC). * Slightly reduced the resource consumption of DVD Genie. It's impossible to cut it down to a really low level due to all the checkboxes and various lists, but I did my best to cut it down. * Fixed the annoying PowerDVD hardware acceleration message. * Double checked that PowerDVD VR-X support is functioning correctly, tested against version 3.0.0324. * Lots and lots of cosmetic changes. * Fixed some more small bugs. --- What's new in v3.86: * This is mainly a maintenance release for the CineMaster/ATI players. The problem with these player is, that they have changed their configuration location quite a few times between versions which makes it quite hard to maintain backward compatibility. * Modified the Cinemaster 2.0 engine settings so hopefully they will have an effect now. * New SP/DIF out devices listed on the CineMaster extra settings dialog. * Trident acceleration is now listed. * The CineMaster "Erase DEVDB" button will now only erase the "Display" and "Sound" DEVDB sub keys and leave the DEVDB key itself intact. * Modified the ATI Drive letter so it should work with all ATI Player versions. * The WinDVD Audio Filter is now registered/unregistered correctly. * Removed the Dolby Headphones checkbox as it isn't required (you need specific DLLs for it to work). --- What's new in v3.85: * Please press on the Donate button below (or go to: http://order.kagi.com/?47D). Even if you don't want to donate, I want you to read the current situation the Inmatrix site and this program is currently in. * Added initial support for CoolDVD from information submitted by Bad Sector. This includes setting the region, and a counter reset (automatic when a region is set). * Fixed it so that you can specify an alternate player for all players and not only Software Cinemaster. * Modified the PowerDVD set screen capture directory to work with v3.00. * Adjusted the PowerDVD code to be more compatible with future versions. * Added the option to force the PowerDVD hardware acceleration. This may be needed under some situations but may cause instability. * Adjusted the WinDVD version button to locate the WinDVD filters which were moved in version 2.3. * Registering/Unregistering the WinDVD filters should now work with version 2.3. * The word "apply" on the various apply buttons is now dyed red so people will actually notice it (thanks Electronic Punk). * Replaced my installer with SuperPimp from nullsoft. Frankly, you didn't really need to install anything in previous version, but hey, I got too many emails asking how to install and uninstall, so there ya go. * DVD Genie now uses UPX to pack the executable for faster loading, Get UPX here: http://wildsau.idv.uni-linz.ac.at/mfx/upx.html --- What's new in v3.81: * Added support for WinDVD v2.3 * Modified the WinDVD region reset button to work with future versions. * To combat the new region code protection on such disc as "The Patriot" and "The Perfect Storm", DVD Genie will default to Region-1 when auto-region is enabled. The new protection works by making the disc appear to be Region 0 (or rather supporting all regions) and when a player complies with that, the disc will refuse to play. If such a disc is auto-set with DVD Genie, the region will default to Region #1 as currently it's the only region that supports this new protection scheme. If at some point this silly protection becomes pro-active in other regions, I will add a feature to manually select a region when such a disc is encountered. * I have added code to detect Region #7 and Region #8 DVDs, so far they can only be detected, no region can be set. I'm not even entirely sure the detection code works as I have no access to these regions (Region #8 is airlines!). * Rearranged the Tab order to make a bit more sense. --- What's new in v3.80: * Adjusted the Matrox G400 Auto-TV mode code to work with newer versions of Matrox's PowerStrip. * Added support for Dolby Headphones when using WinDVD v2.2 and up. * Added direct regional support for WinDVD v2.2 (useful for auto-region). * You can now disable the CineMaster 2000 region warning by pressing the ignore button when the message pops up. * Sub-Windows (WinDVD/CineMaster/Windows) visibility is now remembered even after closing DVD Genie. * Fixed a bug that preventing you from closing a Sub-Window when DVD Genie was minimized to the tray. * Fixed a bug in the auto-insert notification, it wouldn't clear the box even though the actual entry was cleared. * Asus have switched their DVD Player from WinDVD to PowerDVD, so in the more recent versions of the AsusDVD Player, use the PowerDVD tab. * Hopefully after god knows how many versions, the Windows 2000 exception glitch should be fixed! * The Windows region reset key has been removed, It was not really needed as you could set any region directly and some people were confused by it's usage. --- What's new in v3.75: * With the help of a Genie user by the name of "Dan Jackson", I was able to write code that recreates the Windows 98 Special Edition internal region code. It also resets it's region counter back to 1 change remaining. So you can reset the region as many times as required. * Furthermore, Direct support for changing the Windows 98 Second/Millennium Edition region code has been enabled. This makes playback using players that rely on the internal windows code much easier to accomplish. * New option to automatically set the Windows 98 SE / ME region code on the "Auto Region" panel. * Fixed the windows DVD-Run-on-insert feature so that it will not give that odd message under Windows Millennium Edition when inserting a disc and no program is selected to auto-run. * MGI SoftDVD MAX region-reset feature has been confirmed to work with the latest version (v3.6.0002 with Dolby Headphone support). This will only work in combination of the Windows internal region code, the Windows code must be set, and the SoftDVD code must be reset, then it'll work like a charm. * Will now detect Windows 2000 region keys, thanks to all the people who've sent me sample keys so I can implement this feature. * Can now export and erase the Windows 2000 region key. * Removed the ability to edit the region key within DVD Genie. This feature was not really practical due to the changes Microsoft did to the design of the key since it's original inception in Windows 98. * The DVD Genie configuration entries have been moved to HKEY_CURRENT_USER for Windows 2000 compatibility. * Some of the more important pop-up messages can now be translated. --- What's new in v3.50: * Added the ability to control the WinDVD closed caption display transparency, both foreground and background. This requires a newer version of WinDVD (v2.1 or newer) to be installed and Closed captions enabled through the right-click interface. * Made a fix for the Hollywood-Plus 4-Speaker settings to work with the newest drivers. Thanks Einstein. * DVD Genie will now detect the newer Cinemaster engines and will prompt you with additional information. The new versions use both the Cinemaster region code, and the Windows region code and thus changing the older setting alone would be ineffectual. * CineMaster 2000 Pulldown Reconstruction key was reversed from previous versions, DVD Genie now compensates. * Support for 4-Speaker sound cards under Cinemaster 2000 enabled. See the "Downmix Audio to" function in the "More Options" panel. This replaces the "ProLogic" checkbox and may not work on all cards. * Altered some of the PowerDVD detection code. * Added support for enabling the DVD Navigation button within Media Player 6.4 (and possibly other versions). * Added another warning message when trying to erase a non-Windows 98 region key (ones that don't regenerate). * The message file (message.dat) has been renamed to "english.msg", and will now be superseded if a different language message file is found with a .msg extension. * Some other small bug fixes. --- What's new in v3.43: * Support for NVIDIA GeForce motion compensation acceleration using the latest Cinemaster Engine, Thanks Kasper. * Support for Matrox Sun-Picture acceleration (hardly does anything) using the latest Cinemaster Engine. * New setting for the newest Cinemaster Engine to sync screen update to monitor refresh for smoother panning. * Made a few more Windows 2000 modification I hope will make DVD Genie work better. --- What's new in v3.42: * Support for enabling On-Screen display with WinDVD. Not all versions of WinDVD may support this feature. * The ATI Run button now indicates the location it has found the ATI Player within the registry. If the location is wrong, find the registry key and fix it. * The WinDVD Run button now indicates the location it has found the WinDVD Player within the registry. If the location is wrong, find the registry key and fix it. * DVD Genie will now try to location the AsusDVD player location and thus, WinDVD's Run button and Auto-Region functions should work with it. * Improved translation code now supports all the list items and loading should be slightly faster. If you have previously translated the DVD Genie interface, make sure to read the new instructions. Older language files are of course backward compatible. --- What's new in v3.40: * Language support for the user-interface (for most of it). Simply place the language file in the same directory as DVD Genie, and DVD Genie will automatically locate and load it. Only one language file can be used at a time. If no language file is found, the default english language will be used. * DVD Genie can now detect the location of newer version ATI Players for the Auto-Run and Execute settings. * You can now specific the drive which WinDVD uses for DVD Playback. * Fixed a bug in the on-insert notification code, this may also fix an issue with Windows 2000 (hopefully). --- What's new in v3.33: * Erasing the PowerDVD's backup region code key was not working under Windows 2000/Windows NT since they don't allow you to erase keys that contain sub-keys. So now I wrote a recursive algorithm to erase these backup keys. This should now make DVD Genie work with PowerDVD v2.55 under NT/2000 (hopefully). --- What's new in v3.32: * I am not sure if this does anything, but to the request of Zibri, the PowerDVD region changing code has been modified slightly. This may mean PowerDVD 2.55 region changing will now work on systems that it hasn't worked on earlier (especially under Windows 2000). * Slightly modified the Zooming code, it may now work with more applications, thanks Dave. * Due to popular badgering, I have included a Re-Install button on the Extra tab. * I have no idea why people would need it, but I have included an uninstall button on the Extra tab. * Fixed a bug in the zoom listing code. * Notice windows 2000/NT users, you must use DVD Genie on the same user you installed the DVD player on, otherwise windows will not allow DVD Genie to change the region code. --- What's new in v3.31: * I have tried to make DVD Genie as "Registry Complaint" as it can with regards to NT based operating systems. All calls use the bare minimum requirements under the NT registry security settings. Hopefully, this will make DVD Genie function better under Windows 2000. * The Matrox G400 Auto PAL/NTSC setting should be functioning again under Windows 9x, sorry about the mishap last version. --- What's new in v3.30: * It seems that the Interlaced WinDVD NVIDIA mode is in fact a TNT fix-up mode. When enabled WinDVD speeds up on TNT/TNT2 cards to more or less the same speed as PowerDVD, which is to say, a lot faster ... Highly recommended for TNT based cards. Please note, that it may only be faster on Interlaced 29.97fps movies, and may introduce interlaced output otherwise. * New Force BOB/Weave mode for WinDVD. * New WinDVD audio amplification mode. * In an attempt to stop DVD Genie from GPFing when using Matrox cards under NT based operating systems, I am disabling the Matrox Auto-TV Mode support when running under NT. * DVD Genie will give notification if the Cinemaster edlog.dat file exists in the windows directory. See more information on this file in the on-line documentation. * Two new video tweaks for the Hollywood-Plus card for you to play with. * I believe I solved the reason why the ATI Player wouldn't always run when the Run ATI button was pressed or when the Auto-Region was enabled. --- What's new in v3.29: * New "Extra Features" tab with options to Add/Remove shortcuts for DVD Genie on the desktop, start menu and windows-startup. * New option to minimize DVD Genie to the system tray when the minimize button is clicked. * When DVD Genie loads up as a tray icon (using the /minimize command line parameter if anyone was wondering) it no longer flashes the menu. * Can now import registry files with spaces in their name. * Some of the Zoom buttons have been iconified to save GUI space. * New Zoom feature, you can now grab a windows position into the current settings. * Fixed a bug with registering/unregistering of the WinDVD filters, hopefully it should work on all systems now. * The capture directory path entry was fixed to work with PowerDVD v2.5x * I've placed a sort of Easter Egg feature, it's actually in plain sight, but I didn't quite write down anywhere what it does, see if you can figure it out. * Several small bugs fixed. --- What's new in v3.28: * DVD Genie now contains an installation program. Once run, it will prompt you if you would like to Install or Upgrade a previous installation. * DVD Genie will now close if another DVD Genie application is running, even if it's minimized to the system tray. * Due to WinDVD's latest tendencies to clash with the Microsoft MPEG-1 video and MP3 codecs, I have added the option to unregister WinDVD's DirectShow AUDIO/VIDEO filters. This shouldn't effect WinDVD's own playback, only external programs relying on these filters. * I have also included an option to register the filters in the case you may need them back for some sort of program compatibility. * Added the option to limit the Cinemaster Apply button to only set the region code (ignoring all other options). * Added the option to limit the WinDVD Apply button to only set the region code (ignoring all other options). * Fixed several small bugs in the Cinemaster "more options" form. * Fixed several G400 issues. This may fix the NT4 crash with DVD Genie for Matrox owners. However the crash may have something to do with NT4 locking the registry entries DVD Genie is trying to access and somehow causing it to crash. --- What's new in v3.24: * Due to size constraints, there is now a new extra settings dialog for WinDVD. * Several WinDVD 2000 tweaks added, including GeForce motion compensation support, disabling/enabling the display quality settings from within WinDVD and more. * Automatic TV mode (NTSC/PAL) selection for the Matrox G400 card according to a DVD Disc's region code, with fully selectable NTSC/PAL modes for each region. This may actually work for other Matrox cards, but don't count on it. * Added the option to close DVD Genie after automatically setting a region and running the selected player. * Made a fix to the Auto-Insert notification, some programs when uninstalling would corrupt this. * Made a fix for the Auto-Insert identification code, once again, certain programs were corrupting the default setting. * DVD Genie will automatically run a selected player only when the /AUTO command line parameter is given, or when DVD Genie is auto-run on insert option is enabled. This was done to prevent DVD Genie from automatically closing itself on a normal run when the auto-close option is enabled. * New button in the cinemaster extended options menu. The "Erase DEVDB" button is used to erase the DEVDB cinemaster registry section. * Hopefully fixed a bug that caused DVD drives not to be detected correctly when used for Auto-Region selection. * If DVD Genie is run twice, the older copy will be automatically closed to prevent conflicts. * Posted a warning message on the Voodoo 3 Cinemaster preset. --- What's new in v3.20: * This version contains a major advancement. Automatic region setting and player execution. * This includes an option to automatically set DVD Genie as the program that loads on a DVD Insert. * The option to automatically set the region code of a selected DVD player based on the newly inserted DVD disc. * An option to automatically run this selected player. * An option to minimize DVD Genie to the system tray after running the player. * And finally an option to run an alternative player (this is required for the Software Cinemaster player which doesn't keep a path to it's location). * All in all, this is a big automation process that makes your DVD viewing faster and easier than ever. * Included an option to only set the CineMaster option to the most recent version of the engine found. You will have to delete the old entries manually. --- What's new in v3.10: * Regional support for WinDVD v2.00 (WinDVD 2000). * I was told by a user that the WinDVD region reset doesn't work with version 2.0. This is false, i just tested it, and it works. Make sure you read the on-line documentation to understand it's usage. * New CineMaster presets for SP/DIF Audio cards. * Several new card-specific CineMaster tweaks. * Modified some of the CineMaster registry entries to fit the newest engine i could find (v2.0.36.6158). * Modified the 3dfx Voodoo3 preset with a fix for the Surface Flip Mode. * Modified the Matrox G400 preset to support a new switch, I am assuming it has something to do with the special duel-head mode used by CineMaster to display the DVD image to a separate device. --- What's new in v3.02: * New "Win-Info" button on the zooming tab. This button gives information about the currently selected window. * Window sizes are now shown next to the window names automatically. * The method used to change a window size was altered, now a window is identified by it's handle rather than it's name. This was especially important for the ATI player as the correct window was not always scaled. * The ATI Tab now contains a "Reset Panel Location" button. When pressed it will reset the location of the ATI Playback panel to the top left position on the screen. The ATI Player must be closed when doing this, otherwise there won't be any effect. * New "Run" button on the ATI tab. * Additional Audio support for WinDVD. * Cleaned up the hollywood+ audio code, if it doesn't work, disabling it should clean it up correctly and you won't require a reinstall. --- What's new in v3.00: * "DVD Region Selector" was renamed to "DVD Genie". I felt that the program no longer only features region changing, but also quite a bit of program tweaking in general, so i think name change was in order. Big thanks go to the guys at #PCDVD for helping with the name selection, and AGRO21 in particular for the final decision. * Due to a request, i have split the Zoom centering code into two parts, now you can select to center the X or the Y axis (or both). * Support for PowerDVD v2.50 beta. Check out the review at * Due to the fact that PowerDVD v2.50 beta identifies itself as both v2.10 and v2.50, i changed the PowerDVD identification code. This may mean that future versions of PowerDVD may automatically be supported, or not. * Certain versions of PowerDVD require different settings which can't be predetermined. To that account, I have created an "Alternate Region Setting" checkbox for trying a different method to set the region code. Only one method should work correctly. So if the normal setting doesn't work, try enabling this checkbox. --- What's new in v2.57: * The zooming feature now can now remember three presets. * Instead of automatically centering the zoom window, you can now specify an X and Y screen offset (including negative values). * I tried adjusting the Hollywood-Plus audio code to continue functioning with the new 1.8 driver. * Clarified the Hollywood-Plus message box. Some people got confused by that. * Also, check out the new Daily News site at: http://news.inmatrix.com --- What's new in v2.55: * Fixed a bug in the CineMaster version, identification. While not causing a problem, CineMaster 98 would get recognized as Cinemaster 99d. This however didn't cause any functional issues. * A new CineMaster SP/DIF tweak, allowing to select the type of SP/DIF output. I am not sure what it does as Ravisent doesn't keep any public documentation. * Support for WinDVD v1.2.99. * New "Reset Region" button for WinDVD. This will reset the WinDVD region to Region #1 and 5 changes and should support all WinDVD versions. * Support to Enable/Disable the WinDVD LFE support. * Support to Modify the WinDVD quality setting. * When setting the Windows 98 autorun on insert setting, if the registry does not exist, it is created. * I verified it, and the zoom feature does not work with WinDVD, the issue is that WinDVD doesn't allow the window size to be larger than the screen's width. This disables the Zoom function. * With the new Hollywood-Plus v1.8 beta driver released i am unsure if the 4-Speaker support will continue to work with it. --- What's new in v2.50: * VERY IMPORTANT, Read the player notes if you are about to use Region Selector with Software Cinemaster 99. * Improved CineMaster 99 support, will now detect Cinemaster 99 even if Cinemaster 98 was previously installed. * Region support was tested to be working with Cinemaster 99. * The "Divicore" version of Cinemaster 99 although older and quickly renamed should also be detected now. * A new tag appears on the Cinemaster page detailing which Cinemaster was detected. * Additional CineMaster settings in the extended CineMaster menu. * A CineMaster Preset button to automatically adjust to a specific card. * CineMaster 99 support for S3 and ATI Mobility hardware acceleration. * Besides the Cinemaster support, Region Selector now allows you to zoom in on any window. This is helpful if you like to zoom in on widescreen movies to hide the widescreen black strips at the cost of cropping the movie sides. * Modified the PowerDVD detection code to detect new version 2.00.xxxx versions. * New WinDVD Run button. * New VaroDVD Run button. --- What's new in v2.10: * Experimental Support for Software CineMaster 99. It make cause weird stuff, you may want to backup the Ravisent registry entry. * Support for PowerDVD v2.00.0715d (2.00.0906). * New "Run" button for PowerDVD. * You can now change the ATI Player DVD Drive setting to accommodate drive changes (or in case it wasn't detected correctly). * Changed the Win98SE key detection code to be more inclusive. Once again, the Win98SE code doesn't regenerate when erased, be VERY CAREFUL. --- What's new in v2.00: * VaroDVD v1.34 support, thanks to "chato". * The Win98SE registry key is now identified, however, changing it is not as "stable" as the older Win98 key, erasing it will not regenerate the key as in previous windows version, alter it at your own risk. * Support enabling the DirectShow navigation for WinDVD (required for DVD-ROM titles). --- What's new in v1.97: * Included support for the newer versions of WinDVD, should work with the most recent versions. Select either "Older" or "Newer" to switch between the various WinDVD versions. --- What's new in v1.96: * One day after version 1.95 was released, cyberlink released v2.00 of the PowerDVD player. This version is a fix to make Region Selector work with version 2.00 of PowerDVD. --- What's new in v1.95: * Support for Audio Tweaking for the Hollywood Plus card. Some of this stuff is experimental since i don't actually have a sound card with 4 channel output to verify this works. Hollywood Plus Driver v1.70 or newer required. * Since the AsusDVD is based on the WinDVD engine, using the WinDVD setting should allow setting any region with the AsusDVD front end (this has was verified by at least one user). * Small tweaks to the GUI. --- What's new in v1.93: * Divicore have released a new version of Software CineMaster, they have changed the Sound Blaster Live S/PDIF setting, this version allows you to select this new setting. --- What's new in v1.92: * Support for PowerDVD v1.6 evaluation. From version to version Cyberlink seems to make it easier for their region setting to be bypassed, keep up the good work! * Included selection for the PowerDVD screen capture directory from within Region Selector. * Made a few small tweaks to the user interface. --- What's new in v1.91: * Fixed a rare windows bug where the working directory given to Region Selector was not the directory in which it existed thus causing certain files not to be found. Region Selector now looks for all it's files within the same directory it is being run from. * The 'Ensoniq' SPDIF CineMaster tag was renamed to 'Ensoniq / SB Live'. For information regarding the use of the SB Live's SPDIF digital audio output using Software CineMaster look at: inmatrix.com --- What's new in v1.90: * Included support for the Jammin' DVD II decoder kit. I have absolutely no idea what decoder it uses, but i implemented the information given to me to the best of my knowledge without the actual hardware to test it's functionability. * The CineMaster DownSample mode setting was not being saved, fixed. --- What's new in v1.81: * I somewhat botched the SoftDVD support, the code didn't identify SoftDVD correctly and didn't allow you to reset the region. It's a bit hard testing these things since I can't even use the player to test if it works (I don't have the specific hardware the player requires). Support should now be fully functioning for the Diamond SoftDVD v2.125_9.01. * I think I fixed the triple buffering setting in CineMaster. It's somewhat confusing, since the documentation lists it as 'TripleBuffering' while the ATI Player writes it as 'TrippleBuffering'. --- What's new in v1.80: * DVD Infomatrix has moved to a new host due to technical difficulties with the previous host. The new location is: Also reachable from within Region Selector's information page. * Experimental support for SoftDVD v2.125_9.01. This is the version shipped with the MX300 and Monster Fusion cards. As this version of SoftDVD requires special hardware which i do not have at this time, i will require confirmation to know if this work, please mail me at: --- What's new in v1.75: * Region Selector now supports the ENTIRE CineMaster control panel settings making the CineMaster control panel obsolete. * Even more undocumented CineMaster settings, including page setting for various Display Adaptors, and a higher quality page mode requiring a 400mhz or faster CPU. Try it out!. * The CineMaster text file was reformatted for easier reading (Thanks HDClown). --- What's new in v1.74: * Support for all the decoding mode settings (Lots!). * Support for even more undocumented CineMaster settings. * Changed the CineMaster undocumented interface a bit to be more user friendly. * I am including the CineMaster registry information text file, some of these settings are a bit too complex to describe in a simple user interface. You may want to take a look see as it contains recommendations for several display adaptors. * Some of the CineMaster settings may require the latest CineMaster engine (v1.0.29) or specialized hardware and possibly specialized versions of the engine itself. --- What's new in v1.73: * The undocumented CineMaster settings have been moved to their own sub-page. Press on the undocumented button to access these settings. * I was asked to add the 'enforce flip sync' option. This option may improve playback quality with Non-ATI cards. * Included the undocumented UseLFE support for CineMaster (activates rear-channel decoding i believe). * Included the undocumented AC3 SPDIF out support. Im not sure on which sound card this actually works. * Support for WinDVD v1.2 (nothing changed really, just checked that it works). --- What's new in v1.72: * Tested to be working with the ATI DVD Player v3.1. * Support for the new iDCT mode in the CineMaster panel (only for ATI Rage 128 cards). --- What's new in v1.71: * Support for PowerDVD v1.50. * Possible fix for PowerDVD v1.30 not being detected on some machines. * Updated readme.txt file with correct links, doh. --- What's new in v1.70: * Support for WinDVD v1.00, change the region as many times as you'd like. * Small cosmetic changes made. --- What's new in v1.62: * The ATI DVD Player v3.00 is supported by DVD Region Selector, make sure to read the player notes area for more information. * The CineMaster Sound Mode selection didn't have a default setting. * Clicking on the title (highlighted player name) will give a list of supported versions. * Few small glitches fixed. --- What's new in v1.61: * On popular request, i included the undocumented CineMaster Sound Mode setting. Play around with it, see if it improves your sound quality. --- What's new in v1.60: * Support for PowerDVD v1.30. This is a bit tricky, and you may want to read the PowerDVD information on the player notes area. * A new "V"ersion button has been included on the CineMaster page. This will extract the version numbers from the CineMaster decoding engine and from the CineMaster control panel. * A note in the information tab about how to get DVD Express to work multi-region in combination with the Xing DVD Player. * Small fixes. --- What's new in v1.53: * DVD Region Selector now automatically remembers the last tab you were last on. * Several of the DVD Players will automatically overwrite the Win98 "Auto-run on DVD Title insert" setting without even prompting you. In order to combat this foul behavior, i have included two new buttons on the Win98 tab. The "Store" button, and the "Restore" button. What they do is remember the current Win98 auto-run setting and when needed they can restore to your "stored" setting. * Another small button included on the Win98 page is the Clear Auto-run button. This will clear the auto-run setting in case you don't want a DVD Player to automatically run when you insert a DVD Title. * Some explanations on the information page (information tab) why various software-only DVD players are not supported by DVD Region Selector. --- What's new in v1.52: * Small fixes. * New information section that contains information on how to set the Xing and the Windows 98 DVD players under Windows 98. Make sure you read it carefully. * All the information area is now available as external files as well. --- What's new in v1.51: * Bug fix in Windows 98 code, should hopefully load without errors now on all machines. --- What's new in v1.50: * Windows 98 DVD Region support. This is quite complex and was created for the advanced user. Region Selector will TRY to find the correct Windows 98 region registry entry. You will then be able to change it by clicking on the boxes and pressing [Enter] after altering their values (Pressing [Esc] will cancel). You can also Import, Export and Erase these registry entries (export will export the key into a standard Windows 98 registry file). In theory, erasing the registry key will reset the Windows 98 region change counter. This wasn't tested extensively, and it is HIGHLY advisable to export the key before making any changes (for backup purposes). Once again, USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. * Another nice Windows 98 feature introduced in this version is support for the Windows 98 DVD Auto-Insert notification. With this option you can select which DVD player will be automatically loaded when a DVD Title is inserted into the drive. Some DVD players will override this feature when installed (Xing for example), but you can easily reset it using this program. One thing to note is, that you must have Auto-Insert notification enabled for your DVD drive. You can verify this by: 1. Right-clicking "My Computer". 2. Selecting "Properties". 3. Clicking the "Device Manager" tab. 4. Opening the CD-ROM area. 5. Double-Clicking on your DVD Drive. 6. Clicking the "Settings" tab. 7. Making sure "Auto-Insert" is checked. --- What's new in v1.41: * Small bug fixes and new link to message board. --- What's new in v1.40: * Included support for the Xing DVD Player v2.01beta. This works exactly the same as the CineMaster region change scheme. Change the region as many times as needed. For some reason Xing stated that under Windows 98 the region code is extracted automatically from the operating system and then can't be changed. I found this to be false, at least with this beta version. I had absolutely no problem changing the region code under Windows 98. * Included a bit small header that gives a bit more details of which program version is supported (appears above the region selection interface). --- What's new in v1.30: * Integrated some of the CineMaster control panel directly into the program. I only integrated what i thought was important. This should allow for easy and quick changing of CineMaster properties without ever having to enter the CineMaster control panel. This may also help people that for some reason the control panel never showed up. --- What's new in v1.21: * A more orderly information page. * I figured out the CineMaster algorithm used in generating the Region code. So, you now have an option to "reset" the counter when you "apply" the new region. If you do not select the "reset" option. The region will change to the new setting, but the change counter will remain at it's present value. * Forgot to mention this in v1.20, check out the new DVD discussion board forum. You can find the link above. --- What's new in v1.20: * There might be some problems with my web page. My host is upgrading some hardware and the page may be unavailable for a while. * As you can see, the user interface is much simpler now. * I have unified the CineMaster and ATI Player region setting into one setting. * Since you can change the regions directly from this program, there is no need to have a reset button. However, setting the region to region 1 does exactly that (resets the counter and sets it to region 1). All other regions will reset the region counter to 1 instead of 0 (which doesn't really matter since we simply ignore the counter now that we can change the regions as many times as we like). * PowerDVD support is still primitive as i have not yet received my DVD Rom drive. Hopefully a direct support for region selection under PowerDVD will be included in a future version. --- What's new in v1.10: * Implemented support for resetting the PowerDVD v1.22 zone counter. * Resetting the CineMaster 0.9 decoding engine should now work! (hopefully). * Changing the settings of programs you do not have installed should not be possible now. --- End.