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Does the wallpaper on your second monitor appear cropped?
Does your wallpaper appear Tall or Flat?

Desktop WallShaper is the solution for you!

Cropped Wallpaper
Tall Wallpaper
Flat Wallpaper

Desktop WallShaper is an easy to use tool to set your desktop wallpaper. It allows inexperienced users to change the windows wallpaper layout without having to deal with complex windows settings. Choosing your desktop wallpaper was never this easy.

For the first time, you can use a different wallpaper image for each monitor, matching your exact screen dimensions without cropping (cutting) parts of the image.

Your desktop wallpaper appears stretched or flat? No problem! With Desktop WallShaper's Aspect Ratio correction feature, you can ensure your wallpaper image appears correctly without having to use an image editing program.

With easy to use presets, you can quickly switch between wallpaper layouts. Add your own presets, switch layouts with a click of the mouse.

  Friendly and Intuitive user interface (see below).
  Multi-Monitor support.
  Easily correct picture Aspect Ratio (stretched or flat photos).
  Presets to Quickly switch between your favorite wallpaper layouts.

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