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Install and Setup

The usual requirements for DIRECTSHOW based DVD software apply to VaroDVD. As usual, the manufacturers minimum requirements are HIGHLY optimistic. Most software players claim to play on systems that just will not be able to give smooth playback without at least SOME help (IE-Celeron 300). The problem with VaroDVD is the S3-only Hardware support. The Celeron 400 is fully 66mhz over their stated minimum(333), but it did struggle. I seriously doubt 333mhz systems that don't have an S3 video card will be enjoyable. The Requirements should be updated to reflect reality.

Basically, this was a pretty solid install. It included options to load DirectX 6.1 and Windows Media Player 6.4, and didn't even ask for a reboot! Very smooth. If you already have current versions of DirectX and Media Player, be sure to click NO for their reinstall. It can save several minutes of install time. I have reinstalled the VaroDVD player several times. I must note that on a couple of occasions, though reboot was not required by the install routine, the player didn't initialize properly. A cold reboot solved the problems. So you may want to do one just in case.

Once installed, you run the player and receive the DVD software standard warning about system resources. LISTEN TO IT! VaroDVD has almost no DVD HARDWARE SUPPORT! It offers HARDWARE ASSISTANCE on only few video chipsets such as those by S3. If you don't own an S3 video card, then running other background apps or programs will probably affect DVD playback on all but the most powerful systems.(P3/Athlon)

You should have a DVD ready when you 1st run the player. The video filter settings box will be BLANK unless there is a DVD currently playing. Further, although the settings appear when a disc is inserted, there are no user-adjustments available. The player AUTO-Selects the DeInterlace mode and video settings. It "MIGHT" not be a problem for most systems and titles, but they could have left it there just in case.

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