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DVD Terminology

The Test System

This review was conducted on:

  • Intel Celeron 400 processor at normal clockspeed.
  • Abit BX6 motherboard rev 2.01.
  • 64 Megabytes PC100 ram.
  • IBM UDMA 33 10.1 gig hard drive.
  • ATI Rage Fury 32 meg video with TV OUT - ATI 6263 drivers.
  • Pioneer 103s 6x DVD drive with DMA enabled.
  • 17 inch Sony 200ES Trinitron monitor.
  • Diamond MX300 Vortex-2 soundcard with Aureal 2040 reference drivers.
  • Klipsch Promedia v.2-400 speakers.
  • Plextor 8x20 CD writer w Adaptec 2930c SCSI card.
  • Win98SE clean install prior to testing.
  • DirectX 7.0.
  • TV OUT tested using S-VIDEO output to a Sony 35KVS66 Trinitron.
The CD Burner returns! Back by request of some email asking I test DVD software problems with some burning software installed. The Rage Fury hangs on another week! What will come next? Help me decide! SEND MONEY! (That's a joke people!) :)

I clean-installed 98SE for this review. It's good for troubleshooting on any system. A good tool is a 2nd copy of your OS on the HD. It allows you the ability to test things, and see what might cause conflicts or problems, without you having to sacrifice your system setup or reinstall everything over and over. (If your system is like mine, you have enough junk loaded it would take DAYS!) When I want my main version, I just switch over!

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