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DVD Terminology

VaroDVD 2000 v2.0.3

Some History:
In 1988, Paramount released the movie "Tucker, The Man and his Dream." It was the story of a man who tries to build better cars than the major auto manufacturers. Not that the majors couldn't make better cars, but why should they when they already had all the business?! Tucker designed a car with all sorts of new features, and he made people think. His story ended when he was run out of business by politics and the Big-3 auto makers, but his ideas and legacy changed the industry forever.

There was a time when OEM PC packages were the goal of DVD software companies. The OEM's were the checkwriters who had to be satisfied, so feature development was based on OEM needs. We performance nuts had to wait while software designed for OEM's left us cold because it lacked power features for our PCI soundcards and DVD enhanced video cards! We waited, and waited some more. Over time, we gradually got the features that make DVD what it can be, but it's been a slow climb, with only a few major players making the decisions and controlling changes.

The war to win the DVD market goes on with PowerDVD, Cinemaster, and WinDVD at the forefront. But there are others who challenge! Without such competition, the BIG-3 could just divide up the DVD OEM contract money without ever caring what endusers want or need. Then we have VaroVision, and the VaroDVD player. It isn't included with a new Dell, it doesn't grace the window at CompUSA; or get a sale page from online vendors. But they, like Tucker, have an idea of what might be better! VaroDVD sports a featureset that can frighten any competitor! Still, they remain largely unknown? Is it the story of Tucker, who couldn't compete but changed the industry? Or can they be David, and slay the BIG-3 Goliath's? READ ON!

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