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DVD Terminology

The User Interface

PowerDVD was the 1st player ever to have something resembling a decent interface panel. Many fine players out there lumber along with ugly and primitive interfaces that deny you controls, and are clunky to use during playback (Hint Hint Cinemaster and SoftDVD!).

Let's cut to the chase early though: Their PowerDVD interface system is THE BEST. They continually improve it, it is fully SKINNABLE, meaning it can be changed to look any way you wish. Cyberlink adds interesting (and sometimes obnoxious!) new skins on a regular basis, or you can make your OWN skins in any size, shape, or layout you desire! Cyberlink even gives prizes to users who upload quality creations for distribution! Don't like the default JOG-WHEEL speed control system? Switch to a different interface skin, now you have more conventional button-based speed controls! Want to impress your friends or shock small children when firing up a DVD? Throw the now infamous EYEBALL skin up! Say OUCH Cinemaster! WHOA!

(real interface is twice as big)

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