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Install and Setup

PowerDVD can say one thing without fail: They KNOW how to write an install and setup routine. The familiar PowerDVD video tests remain, and they are still alone in the automatic diagnostic tests that allow users who DO experience problems or compatibility issues to send a formatted LogFile to Cyberlink! This speeds up the support response by providing needed test data. Can't argue with automatic simplicity!

Once the install runs, and the video tests are done, you fire up the player, access the setup screen, select audio and video preferences (It defaults adequately if you hate to touch things!) and away you go.

They offer a VERY complete array of sound choices, including A3D support for Vortex soundcards, Dolby Headphone support, and various options for multi-speaker PCs or SP/DIF output to an AC3 surround amplifier. This is as complete as it gets for sound options! No other player beats PowerDVD for sound support options!

SETUP NOTE: Some Setup controls are not adjustable until a DVD is inserted and played, while others can ONLY be adjusted when the Player is STOPPED. Some can only can be tweaked when HW ACCELERATION is UNCHECKED in setup. They should explain this a bit better or provide pop-up help to let you know. It doesn't take TOO long to figure out, but would be nice if they told us from the outset.

As before, PowerDVD didn't complain when I installed WinDVD for some side-by-side comparisons. It still played fine. Very nice as some players are so proprietary, if another player is installed, they stop working or even crash Windows entirely!

Aside from wanting better adjustment explanations, Install/Setup for PowerDVD is about as good as it gets. THEY SHOOT...THEY SCORE!

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