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DVD Terminology

The Test System

  • Intel Celeron 400 and Pentium-3 600 processors at default clockspeeds.
  • Abit BX6-2 motherboard.
  • 64 Megabytes Toshiba PC100 ram.
  • IBM UDMA 33 10.1 gig hard drive.
  • ATI Rage Fury 32 meg video w TV OUT - MANY ATI drivers (Ouch!).
  • Pioneer 103s 6x DVD drive with DMA enabled.
  • 17 inch Sony 200ES Trinitron monitor.
  • Creative Soundblaster Live Value soundcard.
  • Diamond MX300 Vortex-2 Soundcard with Aureal 2040 reference drivers.
  • Klipsch Promedia v.2-400 speakers (Klipsch speaker review forthcoming!).
  • Plextor 8x20 CDR with Adaptec 2930c scsi interface.
  • Win98 SE build 2222A.
  • DirectX 7.0a.
  • TV-OUT tested using S-VIDEO output to a Sony 35KVS66 trinitron.

OK, I promised that the test system would get an overhaul. I spoke of 800mhz, new video, UDMA100, etc etc. But of course, I have to PAY for this stuff myself! I did manage to sell some spare body parts and acquire a P3 processor to replace the venerable Celeron; and the SB Live Value replaces the much loved but defunct Vortex-2 soundcard for comparisons. The rest is waiting till prices drop a bit or my creditors suffer sudden accidents. If anyone from ATI, NVidia, ASUS, or Intel is reading, feel FREE to guarantee yourselves a spot in DVD History! SEND HARDWARE! Live the dream of being a part of future INMATRIX reviews! (And save Kelly from spending all his retirement savings!)

Tech note: All virus scanners and un-needed background applications were disabled for testing. The latest BIOS, firmwares, and drivers were installed. All this helps improve DVD playback on any system. Mucho thanks to Kruge & the gang at the [RAGE UNDERGROUND] forums for helping with some ATI driver headaches to help me finish the TV-OUT testing!

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