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Cyberlink didn't jump into the fray from nowhere. Their PowerDVD player was actually the 2nd Software DVD player ever to market; following Zoran's OEM famed (mourned!?) SoftDVD player. It was a rough infancy for PowerDVD. They were a trailblazer for PC-DVD, and they mapped out the potholes which their competitors steered around. Since 1995, PowerDVD has been steadily developed and improved. What was once an unstable and primitive player, has built on experience to become one of the most modern and intuitive software DVD players available. After watching competitors dominate the market they made with early PowerDVD builds, today Cyberlink can be proud that they have retaken some of what was theirs! Many OEM packages feature PowerDVD as the included software player, and many end-users prefer it over all others.

Do they deserve to be named champion at last? How much remains till there can be only 1? Could that 1 be PowerDVD 3.0?! READ ON!

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