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PowerDVD v3.00.1021

"ARE YOU READY FOR A WARRRR?!?!?", was the battle cry in BRAVEHEART. Where downtrodden Scottish peasants rally behind a leader to challenge the greatest army in the world. Ultimately...some say...they WON!

For a long time, we have followed the DVD triad of WinDVD, Cinemaster, and PowerDVD as they fought for the title of SOFTWARE DVD CHAMPION. Recently though, the battle has tightened. WinDVD continues to build on their powerful but resource hungry engine, always threatening to crush their competitors, but never quite able to defeat them.

Cinemaster? The undisputed leader only a year or 2 ago. But recent Cinemaster players have failed to add anything new? Cinemaster sticks with an old interface and basic features. Somehow believing that smooth video and audio is all they need; and that they have mastered this and their competitors will never equal them? They always played smooth, but not looking behind is how you get caught...and passed!

Then there was Cyberlink's PowerDVD. Always loaded with features, always full of neat tweaks; but a step below Cinemaster and WinDVD in video quality. And Now comes PowerDVD 3.0, with facepaint ready!

Updated and ready to fight! Are they ready? INMATRIX is! With a new batch of movie tests, run on both a lower end Celeron and a more mainstream P3. No expense spared, no amount of labor too great! ARE YOU READY FOR A WARRRR?!?!?!?!

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