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Zoom Player supports two different paths to play QuickTime (".mov") files. The first path is to use Quicktime's ActiveX component, which is the most compatible method of playing Quicktime, but sadly it's not the most friendly method (The component is not always very stable and can take more system resources while providing an inferior image).

The second path is to use DirectShow, which provides a much better image while using less system resources (CPU). The disadvantage of using this path is that you need to install additional components and that older MOV files may not play properly.

Switching between paths is accessible through "Advanced Options / Playback / Use QuickTime ActiveX".

Since the QuickTime ".mov" format is identical to the MPEG-4 ".mp4" format, make sure to read the MP4 Guide for information on which decoders should be installed when using DirectShow (ActiveX setting disabled).

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