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Installing DirectShow Filters

Not all of the components (DirectShow Filters) that are listed contain an installer. Some of them are just an archive file (usually in ZIP or RAR format) containing either a ".AX" or ".DLL" file within the archive. To install these, you need to extract the archive into any directory (creating a directory called "Filters" under "C:\Program Files" is convenient). Once extracted, you need to register the filter with the system. This is done through a Microsoft program called "REGSVR32.EXE" which is shipped with every version of windows.

For example, after extracting "newfilter.ax" into "C:\Program Files\Filters\", you would use the Start button "Run" command and enter the following line (including quotes):
regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\filters\newfilter.ax"

A dialog box should pop up saying "DLLRegisterServer in newfilter.ax succeeded" indicating that the filter is now registered with the system.

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